Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a glorious late start to the day. I slept like a log and it was so nice to sleep in. We hauled our butts out of bed around 7:30am (8:30am our old time zone) and got on the road.

While I was in Tim Horton's getting breakfast Dave was in the truck and decided to fix the fuse we blew yesterday by using the eliminator plug adapter. Thankfully we have two lighter plugs in the truck so we were able to work with the second plug. So, Dave gets the plug working and we get on our way. We forgot to plug in our camera battery last night so the first picture of the day showed us low battery. I put the eliminator in the plug.... bam. there goes the fuse again. Something must have happened yesterday to the eliminator when we had the laptop plugged in that now causes the fuses to blow. Me, thinking that maybe the fuse wasn't actually fixed, tried the still working plug. Bam, there goes that fuse too. Thankfully, we still had one other fuse to fix one of the plugs. We needed at least one because the GPS wouldn't last all the way through the day. Off to the side of the road we go, Dave works his handiwork and off we go again.

Finally we got to Manitoba. I was so very excited to be able to say we were out of Ontario. Honestly, there wasn't too much for excitement. I napped through Winnipeg. We stopped and got gas, got Dairy Queen, Gas, Bathroom, oh and then Saskatchewan. I will say the drive is beautiful, however going across Saskatchewan I got a bit of 'truck' cabin fever. I took pictures. I took more pictures. I played on my ipod until it died. I read a scrapbook magazine I bought at a gas station. I annoyed Dave. I attempted to sing. (my voice still isn't perfect, but way better then the lack of voice I had last week) I made Dave stop for random things. (pics to come)

Needless to say I was very happy when we finally stopped for the night. Originally we were going to drive all the way through to our house today. I am soooo glad we didn't. We decided to stop and actually have a sit down meal, all of ours so far have been in the truck. We had a great dinner, then a wonderful hot bath in our jaccuzzi tub. Dave fell asleep, I've been up on the laptop trying to get offline. haha!

I have done a quick update at the traveling scarf blog, so go check it out! (

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