Monday, December 31, 2012

The 4th Birthday

Finally I have everything uploaded!!! yay! whew!
This years birthday was a Mario theme. I had a blast with this!
 Without further ado; Decorations!!!
 the tables!
Yes, this happened. A whole wall mural. That stayed up for about 15 mintues before it fell down. sigh. I even had clouds and a whole under the pipes scene planned out but gave up on it when I realized the mural wasn't going to stay up

I had forgotten the Boos at home so Lindsay and Stephanie went to get them for us. I had to snap a pic of them walking from our house to the hall with them. That person in the truck was probably wondering wtf they were doing.
My husband trying to hang the boos
The Birthday Banner

And this was for a bowling game, however we forgot to pick up a ball that wasn't frozen in our backyard. So the kids just used them as toys.

The food!
These were delicious. So so delicious.
I found the idea here, well i found it on pinterest then travelled over to Cute as a Fox and fell in love.
These were so super easy to make. I dipped 2 bite brownies into red melting chocolate. Put white dots on. Then put the marshmallow on a stick, drew the eyes, added to mushroom cap and tada!!! Now, to make it look more cohesive I dipped the whole cap in the red chocolate. 1.- You couldn't tell the bottom had the chocolate on it so it was a waste. 2.- In order to get the coffee stick into the mushroom cap I had to take a steak knife to the chocolate and cut a slit so I could get the stick to go in. Save yourself the trouble and only chocolate the top of the brownie.
I am missing some more pictures, until I find them, I will just have to tell you about them. In the entrance way for the hall I made a gold coin garland hanging down to walk through.
Other food included: rainbow gum balls, rainbow goldfish, rainbow licorice, Mario gummies, mario hard candies, rainbow colored suckers, gold coin crackers, veggie tray and chips.
For the drinks I wanted to make drink signs out of authentic Mario backgrounds. I think they turned out fantastic!
We also had Diet Kart Fuel
And let them eat cake!!

I originally wanted a fancy fondant cake but lost track of time. So then we were going to go with ice cream cake but for some reason Dairy Queen didn't have any available.
I did the next best thing. I went to safeway and looked through their cake book. There are not many places with a Mario anything cake. So I noticed this cake. It's originally a Lightning Mcqueen cake. I asked if they could make me the cake without the figurines. The lady was so nice and said of course! I went to walmart and found a set of 5 Mario Karts. I don't think I could have gotten this cake to turn out any better.

Party on!

Someone had her first taste of cake

And I'd say she liked it.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Phone dump dec 24th

I haven't used my phone much to take decent pics.... It's a lot of random, so enjoy.

First up, Mackenzie is ready for boxing day! Go team Canada!!!
We got boxes of Christmas presents from Family, including this from my dad
I tried to mail her back to my dad
Of course then Austin wanted in on the fun
Mackenzie waiting for Daddy to get home for Christmas vacation
Austin at his school Christmas party!
Mackenzie jumping around in her jumper well.... kind of.
A secret Santa goodie from my etsy team!
And finally a few orders.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I think it's time

I know a lot of bloggers do a cell phone dump. I think it might be time for me to do it. I don't post pictures enough, and I'm really not sure why! Until my awesome black friday score, we had no  camera other then my cell phone or the ipad. I have the blogger app. Hello easy, nice to meet you!

Seriously, I have an iphone picture problem.

 I removed all my pics from my phone October 18th. My camera roll now says 411 Pictures.  That's 59 days ago. That's an average of 7 pictues a day. Doesn't seem that bad until you really think about it. 7 pictures every single day. But sadly I'm not taking 7 pictures a day. In reality today I took 4 pictures. Yesterday I took 1.

When I take pics, I tend to take a lot of the same thing just in case one wasn't clear. Like this gem from friday:
(the clock in the background is dead, it wasn't really 10:16 at night. It was just after 6:00pm)
I mean who doesn't love babies falling asleep in their highchairs? She was so cute about it. She only stayed out for about 20 minutes, but I also got a quick video of the next level of cuteness. A quiet snore.
So, enjoy the video and stay tuned for more cell phone drops. Because I take so many random pics of everything why not?

Monday, December 10, 2012

A pretty kind of day

These pics were actually taken last week and I haven't uploaded yet. And, I'm still trying to get everything uploaded from Austin's party still.

But anyways. Last week, we had a pretty kind of day. Well, it was a few days. It's days like that I love. Makes everything seem so peaceful. I love it. And I would have loved to get a great shot on century rd but that would involve me taking pics while driving down the road or stopping in the middle of traffic. Neither was an option so no pics :(

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