Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh what a summer!

This has been written for a while and I just forgot to post it. Without further ado - a review of our summer.

It's been quite the summer! We had such a blast this summer

My cousin Ashley came for the summer

And a downside
I got hand foot mouth disease. That aside.....

The kids had a blast playing at some splash pads 

And don't forget the slip and slide in the back yard!

Most exciting - we bought a trailer! Every time Dave was home from work we would go camping. It was quite the fun experience

Also, we went camping a few times near a beach so of course we had to hit it up!!!

We also took Ashley to jasper to see the mountains. It was such a fun weekend!

Austin had a blast throwing rocks in the water with his friend Mila

And we got to witness this: big horned sheep eating a truck. The guy jumped out to take a picture of all the sheep, left his door open, and this sheep thought he would check it out and have a snack. I said its a good thing we shut our doors, or we would never get them out of the van with the amount of goldfish crackers in the backseat. 
baby in a hotel room

Lets not forget our trip to calgary. I went down to do the color me rad 5k. We brought the whole family with us. I had a blast
This was my heck yeah I finished the race face. It was a little touch and go for a bit.
And probably my most favourite picture ever. 

While we were in calgary we went and checked out the zoo. They had pictures of all the flooding they sustained. I had no idea that half the zoo was on an island! Obviously it being only a month after the flooding the part of the zoo on the island was still closed. They were saying it will take up to 5 years and close to 5 million dollars to recover from the flood. So crazy. 

Austin loved the penguins! He would have sat there all day watching them. 

Also, this picture is of their penguin who had an infection in his foot and it was being rubbed raw. They ordered him special penguin booties to prevent that, but they didn't fit. So, they improvised using beer cozies. You can see one foot cozied in the picture. How cute is that. 

Overall the kids had a blast this summer I'm sure, and I even had a pretty good time too. 

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