Thursday, October 25, 2012

The time goes by

It's funny how just one moment sends you through a million memories.
This picture here. Was my moment.

Sure, it seems like nothing much. A kid looking in a door. It's just so much more. See, this deck, it's my dad's back deck. Right about where I'm standing to take the picture was where this seemingly big kid crawled for the first time. We had just finished a babyville class and our friend came back to my dad's with us. We sat the kids on a huge blanket on the deck and chatted away. Then Austin was up on his knees and crawled across the blanket. Just like that. It was almost a blink and miss it kind of thing he did it so fast. Now, 3 years (and a bit) later seeing this image filled me with all the memories of him growing up.
I can't believe how big he's gotten.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To the dentist!

I FINALLY took Austin to the dentist. Yes, I know. Took long enough. Sigh. I just couldn't get over my anxiety enough to take him. Then I got a toothache and since I was on the phone I just made the appointment. He was awesome.
Sat down,
Got his special sun glasses on for the lights.
And got his teeth checked!!
Dr reported his teeth looked good and said to come back in about 6 months.
Then he played with the giant toothbrush and teeth until Daddy's appointment was over!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crafts are fun

Just a little post to share some adorable pics. We did this craft last week. Austin had fun, I stressed out about the million little foam pieces all over my kitchen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New blinds!

They are finally up!!!!! We talked about buying new blinds. One blind was falling apart because it was old and cracking, one had a fight with a friend's dog and lost, and the other lost the fight to my 3 year old. Every day they were looking worse and worse. I was afraid out house was looking like "that" house.
Sick of waiting for Dave to go buy blinds, I went to Rona and bought some. Now, here is where I brag. They had 2 color options. White and Espresso. Espresso was way too dark for our living area, white was going to have to do. I load all the blinds into the cart and walk away. Then I find.... The clearance rack. All the right sizes in a beautiful Cherry color. (however they were way too long, but that was fixable) All cheaper then the white ones. Score!!!!!
I brought them home and they sat in the toy room. And sat. And sat. Last week I was annoyed and decided to put them up. I unpackaged one, tried to read the directions... Then closed the box back up and waited for Dave. haha!
Today he finally put them up for me. I love them. So pretty.
So, the before pics
Aren't they just a sight of beauty? I mean the far left one doesn't even have a stick to turn the blinds to open them.
And the afters.
The color of the blinds match the front window trim almost perfectly and match our couch so well.

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