Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, I'm lazy.

I guess that's the best way to explain it. And in case you're confused, I'm talking about building furniture. haha. I love to build something and be like "see that? I built the shit out of that!" I'm especially proud of our entertainment unit. I built it my self. When it gets moved... it doesn't wobble. It's awesome. Especially considering it's from Ikea. Before I bought it I was warned that Ikea furniture is a pain to assemble. I owned that entertainment centre. It rocked.
So today we went to Ikea and got Austin 2 more shelves similar to our entertainment unit. It was so much harder to assemble it!!! Either way, I conquered those shelved. One thing I did realize though was that as much as I love to assemble furniture. I'm lazy. Usually you go around the item to assemble, gather the appropriate tools, and go through the instructions. Ikea instructions... well I laugh at them. (more on that below...) So here I am assembling Austin's shelves. I sit on the ground and I move the shelf around me. I couldn't get the dowels in. Instead of getting an appropriate tool.... I used my husband's shoe. haha! It was then that I realized I'm kind of lazy when I assemble furniture.
So, the Ikea instructions... I laugh. It's the Ikea man. Especially on items that require more then one person. The Ikea man is sad. Not that he shouldn't do it on his own. To me this picture says
I am mr Ikea, I don't have any friends. Why won't those two over there let me play???
This one? Mr Ikea is upset that he doesn't have a carpet to work on. :( The other mr Ikea is mocking him, or well, doing something inappropriate to his shelving unit....
I love the Mr Ikea man. I made my husband dig the instructions out of the garbage so I could post this.. haha.
Hope everyone is having a great day. We're off to pick up my In Laws (and my little boy!!!) from the airport.

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