Sunday, April 29, 2012


Before I left for Ontario I made up a bunch of posts, with cute pictures, then scheduled them to post. Well, blogger decided it didn't want to post them. It switched over to a new interface. Not too sure yet how I like it. It's a bit different but eventually I'll figure out where everything goes. Until then I will have to re-write my posts. Not only did it not post my scheduled posts, it deleted the content of the posts. Grr. Anyone else using blogger have the same problem or am I just the unlucky one?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Death of the CD

I feel a little bad for the youth of today. They won't know the joy of making mixed tapes or mixed cd's. Especially the mixed tapes. The agonizing skill it took to hit record at just the right time to get the song but not the radio host talking. How you would memorize the beginning to every song so you could know in the first 2 seconds if it's one you wanted on your tape or not.

But, I think the best part of my musical youth, is now. Coming across my old tapes and cd's. Especially the tapes because I remember sitting on the floor in front of my stereo with my finger hovering on the record just in case the next song was a good one. Then not hitting stop in time after the song was done so I would have to rewind the tape to the end of the song to stop it for the next one. Or not getting the song started in time and having to stop, rewind, and try again next time it played. Oh the memories.

While I don't often play cd's anymore, I did take all my awesome mixed cd's and put them onto my ipod. Some days when I'm in a nostalgic mood I will play them, and laugh and think back to highschool. I have a cd titled Kristin's mix 2002. There are so many different songs on there. Country, rock, rap, easy listening, songs I thought would be hits and turned out no one knew who they were. I can't believe it's been 10 years. Feels like yesterday sometimes.

The kids of today won't be able to come across a cd and have the memories. They won't be able to sit in their living rooms in their 20's with their highschool friends laughing at the ridiculous music they listened to.... while drunk.... and dancing around.... Not that I've ever done that. *whistles and looks away* (ahem, boy power cd anyone haha!)

Who knows maybe by then they will just find their old iPod or iPhones with their playlists on it. And they will mock our mixed tapes and mixed cd's, just like we mock our parents records and 8-tracks.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Whooo's there?

It's Mackenzie!!!

I ordered this super cute hat from etsy (Seller Bowrene, who I also know from my message board) before she was born and could not wait to put it on her. I love all these pictures.
I am so sad this picture turned out blurry, I love it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Boy Bike

I thought the Easter post was a little full already so I figured I would post about Austin's Big boy bike in it's own thread.
For Easter Grandma and Grandpa bunny got him a 2 wheel bike with training wheels. It was getting pretty funny watching such a big boy on the little trike he had, so it was time.
Austin and Grandma drove it up and down the hall a bit that morning but after lunch I took him out to ride it.
He was having a bit of a hard time understanding why he would stop short when he peddaled backwards.Trikes don't have brakes at all so this is all a new concept to him. By the time we were headed back home he would pedal forwards twice, backwards (coming to a complete stop) once. Then forwards again. It was a long walk home and we were only across the street!!
Hopefully this *shudder* snow *shudder* we've had the past few days goes away soon so Austin can get back out on his bike and practice going forwards only.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Ok Ok, it's a week late. I blame the baby. lol.
But really. Happy Easter!! Before we went to bed Dave's mom and I... err, the Easter Bunny, laid out the gifts.
I'll be honest, I didn't see Austin's super excited face when he saw that the Easter Bunny left him a big boy bike. Why didn't I? Because I was sleeping. When Dave's dad was here and up at his computer working by 6am Austin would get up with him. And, well, 6am is too damn early (we're working on getting back to a 7:30 or 8am wake up) Anyways, so I was sleeping but that is ok. By the time I got up he had already finished half the activities in his color wonder book he got.
After I got up we went outside to do the Easter Egg Hunt. Austin had a blast and ran around like a fool picking them all up. It was really cold and windy so it's a good thing he was running. lol.
The Easter Bunny put the eggs on each step of the slide but the wind knocked one down.
So Austin had to put it back on the slide an put all of them at the top...
Then roll them all down the slide before collecting them.
Austin went through his eggs and put them in a container while Mackenzie 'opened' her gifts... (rattles, soothers, and clothes from mommy and daddy bunny and a mobile and books from grandma and grandpa bunny) While he was doing that I borrowed a few eggs for these pictures and he was not happy with sharing them. Next year should be super fun....
This is a "one for the basket, one for my mouth" shot. He had a lot of gummies.

She was totally trying to eat the eggs because it was feeding time.

Then I tortured my children with a bit of a photo shoot. And I think Mackenzie will forever hate me for some of these pictures. Meh, oh well. lol. I put her brother in a Christmas basket with decorations when he was newborn, she will just have to get used to it.

I tried to get a nice shot of the two of them. I only got 4 pictures in and it wasn't easy. Austin was having none of it. None. So here are the 4 we did managed to get.

Finally Little bunny is tired and says have a good day! Hope everyone else had a great Easter!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The First Week

Here we are, closing in on the end of the first week alone with 2 kids.

I'm still alive. Austin is still alive. Mackenzie is alive. Woo Hoo!

However. We're sick. All 3 of us.

Monday night, Mackenzie was fussy and finally got her to sleep at 11. 12:30 I woke up to Austin crying. Got him settled back down. 2:00 Crying again. Walk out into the hall and greeted by a child covered in puke. Also, in the time from 11 to 2 I developed a sore throat. A little bit of a sniffly little boy, just a sore throat from me.

Then..... sore itchy ears and my runny nose starts. Austin has coughing and sneezing and massively runny nose. Oh yay.

I had such a bad cough that I gave in last night and took cough medicine. I tried to go to sleep at midnight. I was up coughing until 2, when Mackenzie woke up so congested she was having a hard time breathing through her nose and was not at all happy about it. She was so congested I actually managed to get something out when I used the nasal aspirator. That just pissed her right off. She was not happy and let me know. Finally got her settled and was still coughing. I said eff that and took the cough medicine. It was lovely to sleep.

Today my cough is back and so bad I'm gagging and it feels like my will explode if I cough one more time. Bring on the cough medicine.

But the upside is that even with being alone with 2 kids and all of us being sick, I did all the laundry and we made it to Mackenzie's 1 month check up.... On time. *gasp*

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy 1 month!

Edit: I started this last night but fell asleep before I could finish it.

Today Mackenzie is one month old!!!

It's also easter so I'm sure I'll have a million more pictures tomorrow. :)

Our first month, well, I'm not going to lie, it was a fairly easy transition. Ask me how our second month went, and I'm sure it's not going to be so great. I had Dave here, and his dad has been here since Feb 15th, plus for a week my mom was here, then finally Dave's mom is here now. She leaves to go home on monday. Then I am all on my own for a week until Dave gets home again. So next month? It will probably be hard. I won't have an extra set of hands to feed Mackenzie while I have a shower. Or someone to feed Austin while I feed Mackenzie. I hope it won't take long to get into our new routine and get into a groove so it's not so hard.
Other updates on our month - Mackenzie has awesome strength and when on your chest is lifting her head up so much. She LOVES the bath. Seems like I have another water baby on my hands. She's sleeping awesome. She's still breastfeeding awesome. This is a big acomplishment for me. We had so much trouble with Austin, I was in pain, and I more than likely gave up much quicker then I should have. However, Mackenzie has been a star at breastfeeding, and her weight gain shows it. She started at 9lbs 8oz when she was born. Her one week dr's appt had her at 10lbs 2oz. We visited the public health nurse and did a weight check at 3 weeks and she was 10lbs 10oz. Now I'm not sure what her one month stats are because our appt was re-scheduled for next week due to an awesome (read the sarcasm there) snowstorm the other day. I'm also producing quite a bit of milk and pump occassionally. I've built up a nice freezer stash and occassionally feed Mackenzie a bottle. She took to the bottle and will alternate between them like it's nothing. Which, is amazing and a god send. A few weeks ago I got one of my super fun (oh look, sarcasm again) migraines. I went and crawled into bed and left a bottle of pumped milk for her to eat.
Now Austin? He's adjusting so well to being a big brother. He still doesn't get that she can't just play cars with him or have a cheese string if she's hungy. (believe me, he's tried) He's not all over her trying to smother her with love, but he's also not hating her and wanting to send her back. (yet) He goes about his business and plays toys, asks us to play with him, and pretends she's not there. If I need him to help get a diaper or something like that, he's all over it. He's an awesome helper that's for sure.
Anyways, here's a few more shots from today's 1 month picture show and one of Austin and his sister.

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