Monday, November 12, 2012


My little boy is almost 4! Today he wasn't feeling too hot so when he went to bed I psyched up tomorrow. I told him when he wakes up it's going to be his birthday and he's going to be 4 whole years old!!! He got excited and went to bed.

So, wanting to give him a big surprise when he gets up, I started blowing up balloons. Now my cheeks hurt.

I also thought I'd be smart, put him on the toilet before I put the balloons in the room so he wouldn't have to go again before morning. Not only did he sit there and not pee, but I hurt some sort of muscle in my neck lifting him. Idea fail.

Poor little munchkin with the puke bucket there just in case of emergency tonight.

Happy birthday my sleeping boy. Tomorrow is the start to a whole new year!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming soon

Another Crazy birthday party post!!!

Want to review my other crazy parties?

We have the second birthday party (Toy story!)

Apparently I didn't blog about the first or the 3rd. lol. The first was an epic elmo party. (You can see the pictures here) The third was Cars. For the 3rd I realized at the end of the day I took NO pictures.

This year, is Mario Brothers/Mario Kart. Just wait until you see all the details I've done.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

8 months old!

Yeah, I missed the 7 month picture. And we were all dressed up for pictures at Walmart today but the stupid snow caused us to miss it. So here we have some cell pics. (oh how I miss my camera)

This little miss started crawling in the past week. She loves to stick out her tongue and clap for her big brother. And pull his hair.

She hasn't quite mastered sitting up on her own yet. She can sit, but if she falls over she can't sit back up. Im guessing because her brother keeps leaving stuff all over the floor so she doesn't need to sit back up, she has plenty to play with. But she is working on it and I think within the next few weeks she will get it mastered.

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