Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 of the trip (a little late)

We were all checked out of the hotel and on the road by 8am. Hit up tim horton’s, then we were on our way. Set the GPS and drove… until we realized the gps was trying to take us over into the US. Not going to lie, there was a bit of my husband not listening to what I have to say (because he never does and yet 99% of the time I’m the right one.) and being stubborn. Eventually we got out way back to Hwy 17 and got moving.

I would say 20 minutes out of Sault Ste Marie we lost connection on our cell phones. (rogers) thankfully dave has a Bell phone for work because he can’t get service while at work with his rogers phone so we had bell service for a short time. I kept trying to get online with the internet stick, but it was either very little or no service. A lot of rock cliffs lining the roads so there isn’t much for signal.

There are a lot of beware of moose signs. I’ve yet to see one. I don’t know if I should be afraid to come across one or excited. Haha! In the very high moose risk areas they have sensors set up on the side of the road and if a moose triggers it then the yellow light they have on some of the signs start to flash. I think that’s kind of cool. So, here we are, in a high moose area and of course I have to get a picture of the magnet on the sign (well, me holding it on the sign since the sign is aluminum) Dave pulls off to the side and I walk back to the sign. Halfway to the sign the thought hits me that this may not have been the smartest idea I’ve ever had. If a moose were to come out of the bush I might have shit my pants. However, I survived without a moose encounter. Yay!

So 9:33 this morning is when we hit the wet gross snow. Yuck. Although at some points made a really nice view of the trees with snow on them. Thankfully it wasn’t sticking to the ground and the road was just a little wet. There were lots of hills up and down so it would have really sucked had the roads turned bad.

Hwy 17 went through Lake superior Provincial Park so we stopped at the scenic lookout they had there. However due to the crappy snow there wasn’t much of scene to look at but I got a pic of us anyways…. Dave peed on a rock. Haha! I almost left before remembering the support for Ashley magnet. I stuck it on the side of the garbage pail since it was the only metal I could find there. I wonder how long it will stay for. Hmmmm..

Saw a lot of little lakes and creeks. Sadly we didn’t stop at old woman’s bay like planned. The sign said closed so we didn’t bother slowing down then it was open after all. Really sad, but oh well, I’m sure we’ll do this drive again sometime.Our next stop was for gas just as we got into Wawa, ON. I had to pee something fierce. Lol. Since then we’ve been driving….

My husband has his blue jays tape on again. In case you didn’t notice on my Twitter last night we were listening to the blue jays music tape his dad found and sent with us (we have a tape player in the truck) This is the most ridiculous tape ever. It cracks my shit up. It’s all remakes of songs with words that pertain to the blue jays (circa 1991-1993) Right now we’re listening to Help us Mookie, the remake of Help me Rhonda by the beach boys. Can’t forget the blue jay rap. To which my husband sings along to. We’ve had the when the moon hits your eye (like a pizza pie) song with Blue Jays lyrics, Boy named Sue (johnny Cash) remake, a song that pretty much just lists all the teams in one breath….and who can forget Jay-o, the remake of Day-O. Apparently this was Dave and his sibling’s favorite tape ever and used to fight over it. The excitement he has on his face when he sings the songs is funny, and even better when he plays air banjo along with it. That’s it’s own kind of awesomeness there!

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