Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd Birthday Party!!

Austin's Second Birthday party was held just a few week early this year. I wanted to have a party with all out family before we moved from Ontario to Alberta. We had the party at my mom's house since our house was already sold. It was a Toy Story theme and I think it turned out GREAT! Everyone had a blast and it was a fun day!!

Here is a picture of the invites I sent out, I made the pockets from my cricut using the Wild West Cartridge. I then printed the invite part off on the computer, the sky print also on the computer and cut the Date Time and Place out using the Wild West Cartridge as well.

I made the envelopes for the cards with my new fancy scrapbook tool (I can't remember the name now...) I made them out of 12x12 cardstock that was patterned on one side, so the inside of the envelopes had a fun pattern. I closed all the envelopes with a cowboy hat (Also cut from the Wild West Cartridge on my Cricut)

I am big on goodie bags. But at 1 and 2 years old, there is a lot of traditional goody bag items that are just not useful to young kids. I bought toy story bags, and inside them put some goodies I picked up. I got a stamp and paper set from the dollar store, (Toy story 3, and for the siblings some princess ones) some leather balls, (again, toy story and princess) some toy story 3 lip balm, toy story pencil cases, double ended toy Story crayons (and some princess) and for the older kids toy story markers. For the really young kids I substituted some of the things with sippy cups and other age appropriate items. I cut out much bigger cowboy hats and put all the kids names on them with glitter then attached them to the bags with rope. Also for the kids and adults to take home, I created these awesome goodie bags.... Yes, I had 3 different goodie bags!

I am a very detailed person. Inside these goodie bags were some gummy army men from the Bulk Barn and some sour dinosaur gummies. (In green t-rex only... yes, I picked through the bucket until I found enough! Thanks to Devon for the help!)

Inside these goodie bags (Which were smaller) were some chocolate loonies and twoonies, plus some plastic coins.

A few months before this whole Toy Story Birthday extravaganza was planned we got Austin some cute Toy Story outfits and a second Build a Bear. Of course, Mr Monkey and Bananas made an appearance at the party!
I also tend to go a bit over board on Balloons. Last year I spend a whopping $115 on balloons for the Elmo Birthday, so I decided this year to save some money I would rent a helium tank. Well, this is what our basement looked like before we started taking the balloons upstairs. I would say including the tank rental we probably spent $70-$80 on the balloons this year. (ok, ok, I admit, I have a balloon problem!!!)

I have been seeing a lot of birthday banners in pictures of parties and on my chat boards. I figured I could easily make one myself. I got out my Wild West Cartidge again and started. I think it turned out great, but really really long. It says Happy 2nd Birthday Austin. I cut out sheriff stars and the lettering for the banner is the rope letter option on the Wild West Cartridge. In between each word I cut out the wanted posters from the cartridge and glued pictures of the toy story characters on them. Then I hot glued everything onto some rope (which I bought from Michaels, but later found out I could have gotten the same thing from Dollarama for MUCH less. sigh)

As for the food table... well there was so much I could have done, but let's face it, with the party 2 days after we had to move out of our house I just ran out of time. By the time I got the main decorations done and the house packed I just gave up. Next year I will have to make the food table fantastic to make up for it. See - it's very plain and boring. I would like to note though, we did serve Toy Story Mac N Cheese as well as Toy Story Macaroni Salad. I found the Ital Pasta Toy Story 3 Mac N cheese earlier in the summer and bought 2 boxes. Once I decided on the theme to the party I knew we had to get more boxes!

For all the kids I bought bandanas for them to wear. Red for the boys and pink for the girls. Some kids wouldn't wear them, but they looked cute while they were on. I also cut out yellow sheriff stars (Of course with the Wild West Cricut Cartridge. lol) for everyone to have a name tag. I tried to be creative with the names, but I will admit, some of them were just plain sad and corny. The birthday boy however was Sheriff Austin.

Above, my Nephew with his bandana on, and below, my Niece with her pink one on. (and her nametag on her head)

The birthday boy had a lot of fun playing outside and running around.

Finally, What kind of a birthday party would it be without cake?!?! I completely forgot about the cake and had to order it 2 days before the party. Thankfully with Toy Story having just been in theatres the grocery stores have some themed cakes. I was able to order Austin a cake and it turned out awesome! (and tasted so delicious!)

Austin definitely had a blast with the cake. I had picked up an extra cake for my Step dad since his birthday was the next day, so the extra small cake that I had originally gotten was Austin's. Last year he got a cupcake. I think he enjoyed the cake so much more (it was a 1/8th slab cake and only $8.99) then the cupcake, as I'm sure the pictures tell you.

There was icing all over his arms, face, and my mother's walls by the time he was done. I have the video posted in an older post if you want to check it out. It was insanity.

Finally, I had seen this at the party story and assumed it would cost me a pretty penny so I wasn't going to get it, but it was only $7.99 so of course I had to get it! I tried to get a picture of everone who came out to the party. A big thanks to all of you who made the day awesome!

Mommy and the Birthday Boy

Papa, grandpa, papa dick, then grandma, Grandma and Gramma

Auntie Katherine and Kevin

Pierce (his mommy wouldn't get a picture taken :( )

It's Jessie/Katrina!! haha, this worked out so well. Also in these pictures, Aunt Helen, Uncle Adam (sigh) and Logan

Sue, Chris and Owen

Aunt Penny, Ashley and Amanda.


  1. Very cool! I loved the goodie bag idea!

  2. You def go ALL out...holy!
    Wish you could do Leia's parties. GREAT job.


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