Thursday, July 26, 2012

Product review - Safety Tats

This is something I wasn't paid for or told to write. I won a 3-pack from a blog review and thought hmm, I'll try it out. I will note that this post has been a year in the making. lol. I used the first one last year and kept meaning to write about it. We're using the second one today and I thought I would write it out now before I forget.

Last year as well as today we're headed to Capital Ex. It's a big fair/amusement thing with bands and kids entertainment. Last year was the first time I used the Safety Tat and I was amazed. It's so easy to put on and Austin really didn't mind wearing it! Today I pulled it out and he was excited to have one put on. I think we need to start going places with crowds more often if this is the second time in a year we've needed one. lol.

Basically it's a tattoo the kids can wear that comes with a marker for you to write you phone number on if the child gets lost. The package says it lasts up to 2 weeks, I only left it on for a week last time then removed it, but the phone number was still clear as day! (even after baths and showers!)

You basically wipe the child's arm with an alcohol wipe (included) and press the tattoo onto the arm. Peel the front off and Tada!!!

You write the phone number onto the Tattoo and away you go. Please, don't mind the writing, Austin was so excited about his new tattoo he wouldn't leave his arm still and it looks like he wrote my phone number himself. sigh. The best part is last year when we went to Capital Ex the Edmonton Police had something like sticky notes for parents to write their number on and put on your kid in case they get lost. They didn't seem all that secure on the kids, especially with riding rides and playing games. I knew with Austin there was no way his was coming off and it was bright enough to notice it.

The packaging (at least the one I got) Also included some great tips for going out into a crowded area. 

So, yes I got these for free from another blog giveaway, but I was blown away with the awesome-ness that I thought I would share this product with you guys.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bath fun

A few months ago I was participating in my favorite past time, wandering through Walmart. I found bath crayons and of course bought them.

I finally got them out tonight and Austin loved it! We drew letters on the side of the tub, and Austin drew me an ocean and a beach. He spent a good 30 minutes just playing with the crayons.

It's the perfect thing on those dad-less days when I need some extra time to distract him before I go insane.

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