Saturday, November 20, 2010

I dub thee Christened!

Austin has dubbed thee, little people garage, Christened. Yup.. he just peed on it. We're sitting here watching Toy story and austin gets up to wander around. He stands in the kitchen, I check on him, he's just standing there. Then, he goes into his toy room and plays. Yay momma gets some internet time! I can hear him playing so I'm not worried. I know he's not doing anything he shouldn't and is being sneaky and quiet. Toy story ends and i'm sitting in the quiet typing away. (I was writing a post on my other blog *look I made a clicky! hope it works!*) then I hear a noise.

I stop and listen.

what is tha.. is that water?



and I jump up in a frantic rush to see what the hell he's peeing on. He had a bucket turned upside down and was peeing onto the bottom of it, spraying and running onto the little people garage. Thank goodness for laminate flooring. I clean it all up and say to him... Where is your diaper?

I don't see it anywhere.

Guess where I find it.

In the kitchen.

At least he took his pants off before he peed.

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