Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good morning blog readers!! We are at the beginning of day 2 of our trip. I've been told that today will have a lot of beautiful scenery so expect some pics. I've also been told by 2 different people that stopping at old woman's bay is a must as it's beautiful.

I'm writing this while laying in bed, unable to sleep. Lol. I've hit my 6 hours of sleep mark and my back is starting to hurt. Also, I'm paranoid about someone showing up and stealing all our stuff since you know, I'm a crazy worrier like that. Lol I've been up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours, looking out the window then going back to bed. Yes, I have a problem. As I start to write this it's only 530 in the morning.

I'll recap yesterday for you. (unless you were reading my twitter then you got quite a few updates!!) First, aunt penny and ashley showed up at my moms to say goodbye. Ashley brought me some of the cupcakes she made for her kindergarten class. They were.... Sweet. Lol (you know I love you ash, but you really do need taste buds to make icing) of course, there was a round of crying as goodbye's were said. We fiinished packing up the last of the stuff and headed to dave's parents. I left dave, his dad and brother to jenga the rest of the stuff in. My mom left, and there were lots of tears, dave's mom left, and there were some more tears, (and she even tried to cheer me up with the reminder of shopping next week!!) Then we finally got everything organized and ready to go. Dave's brother Brian and wife Korrinne left, of course some tears, we said bye to dave's dad and Devon (who was taking austin for the day) and a lot more tears. I was fine saying bye to austin until we were in the truck and he waved and said perfectly clear, "bye" He was also saying daddy a lot yesterday, which was awesome because he hasn't said it much before with dave being gone. After that we headed to my dad's for our last goodbye and more tears. Then, we were on the road.

Our first stop was the neccessary tim hortons. Lol I approached a random stranger about letting me put a magnet on his car for my support for ashley cross canada tour. He was awesome about it and even knew where we were moving to in alberta! Things were going great until we hit traffic just north of our (old) city. We sat in the first bbit of construction forever. I would easily say 30 min. We got through that and within 30 min we were stopped for construction again, this time much quicker. Then we drove... And drove. Lol I didn't get too many pictures because to be honest a lot of it looked like stuff I'd see up by my cottage. So I didn't. Our next actual stop was for lunch at McDonalds. Just something quick we could eat while driving since we had lost time with construction. I napped through sudbury. Had a nice hour long nap. There really wasn't anything too exciting after that. Pulled into our hotel in sault ste marie just before 8pm. Put on the tv, ordered a (yummy) pizza then I used the hotel's free wifi and surfed for a bit. Quite a boring night.

Well, we're moving now and going to get on the road!

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