Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I know it's been a while since I've written again... Didn't really have too much to post about. Austin is moving at an amazing pace. Less than 3 weeks ago was when he started to crawl. Now he's standing in his crib and pulling himself up on everything. The other night he pulled himself up onto the laundry basket, grabbed a dish cloth out of the basket then let go. He actually stood and balanced himself for about 3 minutes before he grabbed the basket again to balance himself. He's getting too big too quickly!!!

He has been refusing his food the last 2 days. Not too sure why. He would eat his cereal but wouldn't eat anything else, even the foods he has eaten and liked before. Plus he keeps waking up throught the night and crying but then falling back asleep. He is doing this now as I type. within a minute he will be back asleep.

I am thinking of opening and etsy store. I have my home made cards, I have my pacifier straps and I can make other things with a sewing maching and some paper so I'm thinking it might be a good idea. Etsy is an online store. Users open their own stores, and it's for hand made items. A lot of craft things and a lot of original things. You can get lego men cufflinks. it's kinda awesome. I might just try it for a few months and if nothing comes of it I won't loose out too much. maybe I will add that to my 101 list...

Speaking of 101 List, I cleaned and painted the basment bathroom. I looks a million times better. I even got 8x10 prints done in sepia tone of the river at the cottage which nicely match the beige/brown color on the walls. I also bought a new shower curtain for our upstairs bathroom (our old one was ripping and has been in there since we bought the house) and it really brightens up our bathroom. I was a little unsure if it would match the color of the bathroom but it actually matches perfectly! Speaking of the new shower curtain though, while opening the package today and getting the curtain out I happened to read the warning on the package. No it wasn't something smart like: Vinyl shower curtain, do not allow children to wrap around their head. Nope, it was Vinyl shower curtain, Do No Iron. WTF??? I would like to meet the idiot who thought they would iron a vinyl shower curtain. I know those warnings are on ther because someone thought of doing it, I would like to meet that person.

I really want to go to the movies. Transformers 2 is coming out tomorrow, actually I guess it's out now, apparently some theatres were having midnight viewings of the movie. Then friday My sister's keeper is coming out. I'm sooooo excited and want to see both of them. I think Dave's mom, sister and I are planning on going to My sister's keeper. (or at least it was brought up, not sure if we are going to or not)

Well, I'm going to sign off for the night!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The week in review.

Wow. It's been a while since I was on here. Last week sucked because I was sick (and no, not I spent most days in bed doing very little. Thursday I was finally feeling better and went to babyville. It was great to get out. Friday I skipped stroller fit. Even though my cold was gone I was still having some issues with my breathing. Instead on Friday Austin and I went over to Dave's parents to help prepare for the Jack and Jill Brian was throwing for his friend Friday night. I did some meat trays (with the help of dave's dad) and then did some coloring of signs. Dave and I were the bartenders for the event so Austin had a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's. Austin Had also tried 2 new foods. Banana's and Peaches. There was no reaction to the banana's but he did make faces for the Peaches. Unfortunately that is the only one I didn't get a video of.

Saturday was Belinda's mom's 70th birthday party. We got there around 2 and stayed until around 10:30. It was a good afternoon until the mosquitoes came out after the sun went down.

Today we really didn't do much. Austin was up bright and early but around 8:30/9:00 he needed a nap so I laid in bed with him and he woke me back up at 10:30. I put him in his jumperoo and he was content and I drifted in and out of sleep for another hour or so. We just chilled out and watched some tv until Dave got home from his ball games this morning then we headed over to Dave's parents for our Father's day dinner. Dave's Mom and I went to Walmart to pick up some things for Austin. We got wipes, formula and some baby food. We bought the jars that were for 6 months plus instead of beginner. I bought 2 jars of each of the 6 months plus foods. Plus I bought some 6 months fruits and some stage 2 cereal. Tomorrow we will try mixed grains cereal. Once he is finished that I have mixed grains and fruit cereal.

I also bought some fresh vegetables to make my own baby food. I bought carrots, Broccoli, asparagus and baby eggplant. For what I've gotten out of the veggies it's definately cheaper than the jarred food. I've been saving the old jars and ended up with:

1 jar of asparagus plus a full ice cube tray of them. Cost me $2.37 for it.
8 Jars of Carrots. Cost me $2.00 for them. (One Jar is $.76 at walmart for the Heinz brand) *Tip, keep some of the water from the carrots to make it less thick if wanted.
4 1/2 Jars of Broccoli. Cost me $1.00 for it. *keep water to make it easier to puree
1 1/2 containers (the ones the fruit comes in from Heinz) of Eggplant. Cost me $3.00 for 2 of the baby ones. *I baked these at 350 for 45 min - an hour Because they are baked you need to add some water. Even though they are quite juicy it still wasn't enough to puree.

I made the baby food and played on the computer on an off and it took about 3 hours all together. I have labelled the lid of every jar with a number. I didn't want to write carrots on the jar and have the next batch of food be broccoli in the jar and I have to cross it out. Eventually I would run out of room. I am writing every number on the whiteboard in the kitchen plus writing what is in the jar and when it was made. That way there we know which food is oldest and we don't loose jars in the freezer.

Austin turned 7 months old yesterday. Unfortunately we have been so busy all weekend I haven't gotten a picture of him with his month old sign. I am going to make the sign and get a picture of it tomorrow. Tomorrow is also mine and Dave's 4 year anniversary. I can't believe it's already been 4 years since we've started dating. Time flies when you're having fun!!

101 in 1,001 update. I went an entire week without drinking pop. I have also read 3 more (almost 4) books. The twilight series by Stephenie Meyers. Twilight, New moon, and eclipse.

I think that is all. I'm heading to bed now that all the food is put away.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Austin is all done trying new vegetables... or at least all the heinz beginner ones. For some reason wax beans is on the beginner list but I can't find it in the stores. I have been saving the containers and I am going to make my own baby food... at least do some basics like peas and carrots. I'm sure I will find out more recipies to make as he starts eating more.

I started reading twilight. I started the book on thursday and finished it Saturday night. Then I started New Moon sunday morning and finished it this afternoon. I finished it so quickly because I was sick today and spent all day in bed. I brought up the jumperoo and some toys for Austin and we did nothing all day. He spent time jumping, crawling, climbing and sleeping today. I think he had a pretty active day. Then tonight we watched twilight. Not too sure about it. I found I didn't get as drawn into the story as I did when reading the book.

My cell phone was 'broken' today. It turns out when I got my blackberry the guy at rogers should have programmed a new sim card for me. Mine is 6 years old. Or should I say was. I spent the entire day without a working cell phone until Dave got home and I could use his phone to call repair. Once the guy set up the new sim card and I transfered everything back over to the new card my phone is as good as new. So.... if anyone called me today, I'm sorry. I slept all day..

I think that's all for now. I'm heading back to bed. Finally the horrible sinus pain in my head is gone so I may actually be able to sleep!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet Potato Day.

Today was our first day trying Sweet Potatoes. I have to say the verdict is still out. Got some great faces and a few bouts of gagging. I'm marking today as Austin's first word. Blech. I took some video and on it he goes blech and spits everything out he has in his mouth. But then he kept opening his mouth and taking the sweet potatoes anyways so it couldn't have been that bad. Here are a few pictures of the day.

I also have a video and since I don't know how to put video in here yet I will have to put the link in here......

Here is a link of a video of our story time. In the book it goes through the alphabet and when you get to Y it's a mirror so baby can see himself (you!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Bean failure.

Well, tonight's dinner was a massive fail. I got everything ready and when I walked into the living room/dining room I smelt an awful odor coming from Austin. So, I set his cup of green beans down in the pull out cup holder on the highchair. The tray was already pulled out so after I changed his bum I went to put him in the highchair by just sliding him in and not removing the tray. (like I always do.) WELL, just as got him in the highchair he kicked his legs. That's right, those green beans were still in the cup holder.

He kicked the tray right off the highchair. The beans flew. It was on our wall, on the carpet, all over the bottom and top of the tray. My toes were covered in green beans and my one pant leg. The other pant leg and my shirt was soaked from the sippy cup that was also sitting on the tray that went flying. It was a mess. While cleaning his tray I was trying to get the bottom and without realizing I ended up wiping beans all over my shirt too. We finally get everything cleaned up and couldn't get all the beans off my pants so they looked like a dog took a nice green crap on them. Then I start feeding him. He decided to blow bubbles in his oatmeal which sent it all over his face. Then, decided to rub his eyes, but start with his fist at his mouth so he spread the oatmeal and beans all over his face. Oh yeah, that was fun.

Between this and everything else going on I think I need a

Monday, June 1, 2009

Productive day!!

Wow, I can't believe how productive I was today. I emtied the dishwasher, finished Austin's laundry, tidied up the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, changed the sheets on the bed, rotated the matress, washed and dried the sheets and even washed all the dirt and dust off the washing machine. I thought it was kind of funny that I was washing my washing

Tomorrow I want to do a load of towels, our laundry and maybe try to organize Austin's room a bit more. His do not fit clothes are starting to over flow out of the basket we have in his room. I also want to install a corner shelf. I've been bugging dave for the longest time to get it done but he hasn't. I may head to home depot and check out what kind of shelves they have. Austin has so many beautiful picture frames and thinks like piggy banks and ornaments he has been given but I don't have anywhere to put them out. His dresser has a basket with all his books on them so I can't really put anything else on there.

Speaking of Austin's books, he has an alphabet book that has different textures and things to do. Well when you get to the letter Y it has a mirror to look into. Well as soon as you show it to Austin and he sees his reflection he starts smiling like crazy and 'talking' to the mirror. Then he moves his face to the mirror so that his nose is touching, he giggles then moves his head back. Of course he repeats this over and over again. So adorable. I do have a video of it but haven't been able to get it online yet.

*101 in 1,001 list update* I completed the 1 hr of walking at least once a week. I didn't do the full hour on friday for stroller fit but the walkathon was over an hour so I'm using that as my 4th week. This week I'm going to try and cut out all the pop. It's definately going to be hard but I am going to try. I'm still in the middle of my book (which was due back at the library yesterday...oops) and then I've picked up all the twilight books from my cousins to read.

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