Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Things have been rough the past few weeks. I've been feeling a little down plus I had some time off work so I took full advantage of that. I guess we'll start with the time off.

I was given the rest of the week off work due to lack of work. I kept my movie date with Brittany, and we went and thouroughly enjoyed eclipse. Then I packed our stuff up, picked austin up (I wasn't told until about noon that I wasn't working that night, so Austin was already at daycare) and headed off to the Cottage. Our cottage trip was filled with some ridiculously early mornings thanks to my little man. Friday morning was... ummm... fun. Without having the hindsight to pack some kids movies, I was stuck in a 3 room cottage, one room our bedroom, the other my dad's and the 3rd room being the kitchen, dining and living room all rolled into one, trying to keep a 1 1/2 year old quiet. Ummm yeah right. First, He decided to terrorize my dad's dogs. He grabbed their toy and in his mind, was playing with the puppies. In their minds, there was this little person, with their toy, yelling random babbles, shaking the toy up and down, while chasing them. Remember I said a 3 room cottage? Yeah, there were baby gates blocking 2 of the rooms. The dogs only had one choice. Run in circles around the table to get away. What does Austin do? Run in circles around the table after them 'playing' Poor poor dogs. They had no idea what they were in for. Finally I get austin settled, I'm sitting on the couch and smell something. Austin managed to turn on the burners for the stove (yes, totally not toddler proofed yet) and there was stuff on the stove. Thankfully it was only on for a few seconds before I got to it and shut it off. Then, me and the puppies are on the couch, austin is playing on the floor. He decides to get up on the couch, and stand. I tell him he needs to sit on his bum on the couch. So he stops standing. In the form of a body slam. On the smallest dog. Thankfully I caught him just as he landed so I don't think the poor little dog was damaged much. lol. Later in the day, Austin got the burners turned on again while we were doing dishes, and managed to melt a plastic bowl completely to the burner, and melt the foot of the crock pot. Fuse for the burners? Now removed. I don't think my dad realized just how much stuff austin can get into. lol.

It was a nice visit at the cottage, however I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I hate them. They suck. But it was very nice to have the time with family. The next week I had monday tuesday and wednesday off so me and Austin enjoyed our time together

Dave was home for a quick weekend visit, and we were at a family bridal shower/graduation party, and we tried to have a dinner and a movie date, but only got to the dinner.

Last week I was just in a bad mood funk. Not sure why. I was feeling better then BAM, a lot of drama and upset. I'm working on getting over that. It's definately tough, but time will tell.

Coming up? We have another bridal shower this weekend at grandma and grandpa's. Sunday we are having an open house, hopefully that will get some interest in our house. Another unit in our complex just sold today. It's only been on the market since July 2nd so hopefully that is good news for us. Fingers crossed please!! Monday I am off so I don't know what we are going to do. That's about it. Anyone have fun long weekend plans?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 101 in 1,001 update.

Well, I re-did, updated and other stuff with my list, then had to paste it from microsoft word which of course deleted all the spacing and formatting I had on word. So I re-formatted the spaces and re-put colors back in. Sigh. Now I'm tired. lol.

I will be updating the side bar probably tomorrow. I created a new tab at the top of the page for the list of books I've read so far this year, which I will also need to update, again, not happening tonight. Had very little sleep today so I' m not going to be up much later. I have noted the books i've read in my posts so it will be a little easier to go back through and note them down.

Today is (well, I guess yesterday) was the 20 month anniversary of Austin's birth. I can't believe that in 4 short months my little man will be 2 years old. Sigh. It's crazy! I had all these plans for an awesome toy story party but I don't know where we will even be so I don't know if the toy story party is going to go on. Who knows at this point. But yeah, 4 more months. In-freaking-sane

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick post.

Alright. I have been sorely slacking on the 101 in 1,001 list. I've still got my list in the back of my head and thinking about how to finish more items. I've been trying to figure out how to complete my Ontario Goals before moving on to Alberta. Sadly, some of the goals will be removed and re-worked. It's my list, I can remove as I want to! lol. I've also read a lot of books that I need to update. Tonight will be my night to do this since my craft table is in a bit of a disarray because of window repairs. Tomorrow I have to sit down and make an order for thank you cards so I may not be on for the next few days.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our weekend.


We had a fun weekend this weekend. Saturday Austin did Fantastically well considering we spent many hours in the car. It was Dave's cousin Becky's bridal shower at his grandparent's place. It was great to see everyone again, as I think it was christmas that I saw them last. Austin spent most of the afternoon hanging out with the boys and taking walks with Grandpa. I tried to bring him inside but he was having none of the sitting still I was hoping for so I took him back outside to the front lawn under the trees. He was given a foam football as a present and he loved it. Plus, right away he grabbed it and started running with it. Like he knew what he was doing! He had the ball tucked correctly under his arm. I know I've never showed him and there is a good chance his father didn't teach him that either. I think it's awesome he's picked it up and I got some great pics on my phone since I forgot my camera (don't worry, I'm currently in the middle of email the pics to my computer to post for you while I write this)

Today Devon and I hosted a 'this is not a shower baby party' I have to start by saying, OMG, Devon made the most fantastic diaper cake ever!!! It was adorable! We did blue and green as the theme and tried to stick to that as much as possible. It was definately a fun day and I am really glad that we were able to get together before we move.

Then later this afternoon Austin got into a mess. I seriously may send the after pic to shit my kids with the caption the freshly steam cleaned carpet. I went upstairs to pee, and he got into the bottom cabinet and grabbed the box of Captain Crunch. He pulled the bag out of the box and climbed upstairs with the bag. Of course, I had my phone upstairs and got pics. lol.
This is his I don't know what youre talking about mom, I have nothing in my mouth face. lol.
Then we went back downstairs and as I had my hand in a sink full of wet dishes he proceeded to dump the entire bag of captain crunch onto the floor.
Of course all the cereal dust from the bottom was also on the floor and he was trying to brush it away. Aka, fling captain crunch across the living room. Sigh. Got it all cleaned up and now the captain has been taken away from him. lol.

This is the image that greeted me after my shower at 2 am friday morning. He decided he wanted to party all hours of the night. so much fun. lol.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Day!

I'm very excited today!!! I have a meeting with our Real Estate Agent about putting the house up for sale. In some ways I'm kind of excited that we're starting a new chapter, but in other ways I'm sad.

We're going to be leaving our families. This is hard. They have all been so helpful and supportive of us. Especially when Dave was gone last year. I appreciate everything they did for us and all the help they provided to me. My family, who I have never lived more then an hour away from, will be here while I am on the other side of Canada. It makes me very sad to think about. I'm going to miss my niece and nephew growing up, I'm going to miss my cousin's graduations from highschool, I'm going to miss movie nights with family. Oh how I will miss them. I'm also going at a very tough time. I want to be here for support. I want to have hugs ready whenever they are needed. I want to be able to provide distractions. I want to be able to hold your hand if you need me to. This is going to be very hard for me to leave, and whenever I really start to think about it I cry. (Like I am right now typing this) Just remember, I am a phone call away whatever time that may be and I wil be there however I can.

I am also sad about selling and leaving our first house. The house we brought our baby boy home to. The house we put so much effort into and turned it into a home, not just a place that needed a paint job, un-painted carpets, non 70's carpet, some love and attention and a basement. I will miss the memory of my first smile from austin, the first time I found him naked in his bed because he figured out how to take off his clothes, the living room floor where he first rolled over, the spot by our entertainment stand where he took his first step, the spot by the end table where he walked to me for the first time. Or, how about his bedroom. All the love and sweat and tears put into making that room so awesome for him, something at the time I figured would last for years, but now hopefully will make some other kid excited. I know we will make memories in our next place, but this was our first house. We bought it together. We signed the paperwork the day before our wedding. It truly was a new life together for us. I am going to make sure we have even more awesome memories in our next house.

On another note, today I am exhausted. Austin got up at 2am and was all about partying and playing until I gave up at 4am. not entirely sure what time he fell back asleep as he was in his room, but I know I am tired. Hopefully I can get a nap at some time today.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aren't I pretty???

Hello, this is the blog speaking. I decided on a bit of a change. Am I pretty? Let me know! Also, my good friend mrs twitter got an update too check her out while you're at it! (msg me if you need the address)

Hope you are all managing this heat just fine!

Mrs Wipe your Paws.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Woah Busy.

I want to start off by saying a big Huge massive thank you to my In Laws. This past week has been super busy, but It's all necessary. We've been getting the house organized and de-cluttered and cleaning out a lot of crap that we probably should have gotten rid of before but didn't. My In-laws have been helping to get rid of a lot of the crap and making our house look amazing. It's pretty much all ready to go onto the market, and I spoke with our REA today and he is going to come over on friday. I'm getting excited to start everything in motion and start this new beginning.

Dave made it to Alberta. He left Friday morning and got to Edmonton on Sunday afternoon. He hung out with a friend for the afternoon and checked out their new place, fell in love with another place, possibly for us. Monday he went and got the details on his new job, which thankfully is a camp job which means his room and board is covered so until our house sells we don't have to pay for rent and a mortgage.

Austin is still amazing me more and more everyday. I think with me working nights I've been missing quite a bit. I would love to keep him at home with me during the days but I can never sleep at night no matter how much or how little sleep I get the day before, and usually get an average of 3 or 4 hours sleep before I'm up with austin. Therefore he goes to daycare and I get to sleep a little longer so I don't pass out on my desk at work. He helps me with diaper changes by wiping himself (it's definately far from actually clean though) and he is always saying pee pee while grabbing himself. Not sure if he knows it's his pee pee or if he knows he pees in his diaper. He helps get dressed and undressed too. He can take his pants off and put them on and pull them up in the front, hasn't quite figured out he needs to pull the back of his pants up too. He can walk down the stairs. He grabs the railing and goes. Nearly gave me a heart attack the first time he did it, then Dave informed me that he taught him that. Yeah, maybe not the best age to be teaching that one. lol.

Austin is also listening better. If I tell him no or ask him to put something back or away he will do it. He also counts. To the untrained ear though he's just babbling, but it started when we would jump and started jumping in the pool. I would say "ready? 1....2......3!!!!" Now he stands still and in the same tone says 3 words (which I try to remember to record every time he says them and keep forgetting! but one of them is deee) then jumps. I've had to warn everyone that if he is near a pool or somewhere he shouldn't be jumping (like the couch) then to stop him before he hits 3. He has no fear and will do it - especially the pool! We were teaching him he needed to wait for someone to be there when he jumps in the water on the weekend, and thankfuly he is never in the pool unattended. Also, if you are trying to get him to go somewhere just say "on your marks, get set, go!!" and he will pause for 2 seconds then take off running. He's definately a sporty little guy. We just have to remember which ones he responds to, becuase saying on your marks get set go while trying to get him to jump just doesn't work out. Although some days you don't even need to prompt him! this is the video of him in his new big boy bed taken in June.

Another thing my lovely husband taught our son, is how to pillow fight. Thankfully Austin isn't that strong but I'm going to say some day it's going to come back to bite us in the rear. He will pick up the pillow and either smoosh it into you (usually the face) or just throw it at you. It's really adorable now, but I try not to let it happen too much. lol.

well, I've got ot try and get some sleep. I hope to update more soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New adventures in Wipe-Your-Paws land!!!

Well, the new excitement is: We're moving to Alberta. Crazy and insane for sure.

Obviously you all know that Dave has been working out there then came home. Well, there really isn't work here so the most obvious thing is - Go where the work is. So off to Alberta we go. We made the decision Tuesday morning. Let me just tell you, Tuesday was such an emotional wreck of a day. Yes, it did make me sad. I will admit that I cried. It was one of those cries where it starts and you have no idea until the tears are streaming down your face. Then I cried harder. I tried to reassure Dave that it was ok we were moving. He wasn't falling for it though because of the tears. Really, I was scared. I've never lived that far away from my family. I enjoy being able to drive 1o minutes to go visit if I'm bored. I enjoy looking in my cupboard, realizing I don't want to cook dinner so I just go to my mom's. (and yes, that may make me a mooch, but I bring Austin along so it's worth feeding us for some adorable baby/now toddler time.) I won't have anyone to just go hang out with, A nice dinner and a movie night? Who do we get to babysit? Because really, who can I trust. They will all be strangers. Then there is my job. I'm really enjoying it. It's the first time in years I've actually liked my job. However it's just a temp position so it's bound to come to an end. Then, the technicallities of actually moving and housing.

We originally decided to rent. However to get a 2 bedroom apartment we're looking at paying more then our mortgage here. So, I think we will be getting a mobile home. These things are crazy!! You can find some with more square feet then our townhouse! We are aware of the difficulties of re-sale but it's a better option then paying the outrageous penalty on our mortgage. Plus, some of them don't even look like mobile homes. They are a lot nicer looking then our current house.

So, this week has been busy. We've purged a lot, and I mean A LOT of stuff, and will be selling off a lot of furniture as well. We've packed a bunch of stuff away as well and got all of Dave's clothes packed up ready to go. The house will be going on the market next week I think. It's definately going to be a busy busy place here!!!

I am very excited to see all new things and meet new people. And at some point I am very very excited to try and see these.

I will be posting pictures when and if I get there!!!!

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