Friday, February 27, 2009

Another week gone.

Well, I guess there were no commentors on the previous post. Oh well.... This week has gone by pretty quickly. I got my hair cut on monday and really like how it looks. There really wasn't too much stuff done this week, we're kind of boring that way. lol. I'm getting ready for my card making party next weekend. If anyone wants to come let me know!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, I've noticed the hit count for the blog going up and up but wondering who actually reads this. I know I've sent the address out to some friends and family. If you read this, leave a comment and say hi!! I promise I won't bite.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Week

It's Saturday again. I can't beleive how fast the week went. I think Dave being home on Monday definately helped the week along.

Tuesday we did nothing. Dave was at work and Austin and I didn't leave the upstairs. My back hurt too much to be carying him around the house so I retired to our room. I have been renting the entire Dawson's creek seasons through our account, so Tuesday Austin and I watched Season six, disc 2.

Then Wednesday came and I still was pretty sore so I dropped Austin off at my dad's and headed to the dr's. He gave me a muscle relaxant and when he noticed I was all alone without the baby said to me when we were done the appt "You can just stay in here for an extra 30 minutes if you want and if anyone asks I'll tell them I made you wait." I told him thanks anyways but left....(If I really wanted some extra time away from the baby I wouldn't spend it in the dr's office thank you very much) I stopped at tims, went back to my dad's then spent about an hour in the Hot tub while Dad and Bo kept watching Austin. Around 1 I headed to Dave's mom's work and visited for a bit then walked around the mall to get exercise and because Austin is noticing so much more now so walking around the mall is great for him. When I got home I regretted doing so much carrying of Austin in his car seat because I was hurting, however once I started taking the muscle relaxants I felt a million times better.

Thursday we met Vicky, Michelle, Shawn and Jacob at the movies. Saw confession of a Shopaholic. I really liked it. Much better than the mom and baby movie the week before - He's just not that into you. I didn't really like that one. After the movies we had a photographer come to the house. She took adorable pics of Austin and I can't wait to get them back. She said it would be about 10 days. I will have to invite all of the grandparents over to view them because I don't know if we will order them all, and I suck at picking pictures out of a whole bunch of cute ones. Then me and Vicky watched Mamma Mia. She hadn't seen it yet so I volunteered my house to watch it.... and to visit with Vicky obviously.

Then it was Friday. My mom and I went shopping at the Pickering Town Centre. I was searching for cute dressy baby clothes. Sue had told me about getting Owen's spring coat at H&M. I didn't know they had a baby section and just assumed that it would be an expensive store. It's not expensive at all!!! In fact it was cheaper if not the same as the other stores we went to. I almost bought him a white button up shirt with a bow tie but it was waaaaayyyy too dressy. I did get him a red and blue plaid button up shirt and a light blue collared shirt with navy blue argyle pattern on it. Then we went to the children's place and I got Austin a pair of Overalls, a blue white and orange striped button up shirt (And avoided the very strong urge to buy the matching tie!!!!) and 2 onsies - one says chicks dig me and the other says Mr Popular. By the time we were done all the shopping I was ready to go home. When I got home Austin had a much needed nap, he stayed awake almost the whole shopping trip, and I started some more scrapbooking.

That has been our week. I got a lot of scrapbooking done the past 2 days and I'm proud to say I've finished over 3/4 of the book and just have the pictures from the hospital done. Wow. Now I have to start printing more pictures off and getting them in the album too. Although I would like to do a first year album in 12x12 sheets instead of the 8.5x11 so I might just dig up more hospital pics and finish off the pages and keep the smaller album a just born/hospital album.

What I find funny though is that people look back at the pictures of their children and say oh look how small they were. I didn't get sad looking back on the pictures. What made me sad about Austin getting bigger is that when buying him clothes I bought the 6-9 months thinking it would be at least another month before he wears them but they fit him now. Just a tiny bit big. His light blue shirt I looked at and thought no way would that fit him. It's in the wash now so we'll see tomorrow if it fits or not. My little boy is getting bigger. Although I never thought I would have a 3 months, 1 week, 2 day old wearing 6-9 month clothing. Let's hope the summer gets here soon or else I'm going to have a bunch of pairs of shorts that won't fit him. (Because in theory he would have been wearing the 6 month clothes in May not Feb so when I got shorts at the baby showers it made sense.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New phone!!!

We had to go phone shopping today. Dave washed and Dried his cell phone last night. It was beyond dead. He hasn't even had it a year yet so we would have had to pay a whole lot to get a new one. Well just last week we were talking about how I didn't like my phone anymore. I text a lot and it's very hard to text on that phone. We decided that we would get me a new phone and dave would take my phone since he really likes my phone anyways. We went looking and decided on the new blackberry flip phone..... In pink! I still haven't figured out all the features on it but I have been texting up a storm today and it is so much easier. Although I do have to get used to the letters because they are all spread out, not 3 letters per number anymore.

Well I'm headed downstairs to play with the phone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm broken.

This is what I told Dave on Sunday. I'm broken. I woke up with a sore back on Friday. It was just the uncomfortable feeling like I needed to crack my back but it was a muscle that was hurting. Well Saturday night while trying to get Austin to sleep (we were at the church get together) I was gently swinging him in his car seat. Apparently that caused the sore muscle to become a pulled muscle. Then, while getting out of the shower on Sunday I noticed that I had burst a blood vessel in my eye as well. That's when I told dave I'm broken.

Unfortunately my back still really hurts today and I can't even carry the diaper bag let alone my 15lb baby. I am going to take some back pills and get a good night sleep tonight. Hopefully it doesn't hurt as much tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day.

Happy Valentines day (well yesterday since this post is at 12:45 am) We really didn't do anything. I told Dave if he was going to get me anything then to wait until next week when the prices aren't ridiculously high just because it's v-day. Dave started off the morning with napping on the couch. We made lunch, took some pictures, then Sue called and Austin and I met her at the mall for some shopping. (I just browsed) I came home, we made dinner then we went to a games night with the church group.

I was a little unsure about going because until I met Dave I had only gone to church a few times and didn't remember anything I learnt there. I still haven't read the bible because it kind of confuses me. I'm trying but it's kind of hard to wrap my head around it. I need the bible for dummies or something. It actually was a great night though. We had deserts and games. We laughed. I'm really glad I went and look forward to going again.

Tomorrow I think we are headed to the superstore. We were at one of the superstores the other day and they have a big clearance on their Joe line of clothing. We got some fantastic deals!!! I got a pair of boots for Austin that were reg $16 for $4.94. A pair of shoes that were reg $10 for $1.94. Both of them are still too big on him but for that price? We had to get them for later. We also got a touque that was on clearance for $0.94, a cute sweater vest that was $2.94 and a pair of pants that were $3.94. I've gone through and finally completely organized all of Austin's clothes. We have tons of 6 months clothes and tons of 12 month. Not really too much in 9 months so I've been trying to stock up on that size so it's not such a shock when we need more. While browsing today I was very good and didn't give in to the sales at Old Navy or the baby Gap. Austin has a cute button up shirt right now but is rapidly growing small. I really want to get him at least 2 that are a bit bigger so we have something to wear to church or dressy occasions. (Yes, I know he's only 3 months old and it doesn't really matter what he wears but all he has is sweat suits or somewhat good looking clothes but not too much that is dressy.)

I think that is all for today, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 3 months old!!

Today Austin is 3 months old. We had our dr's appt and he now weighs 14lbs 14oz. He is 62 cm long. We did our 3 month old sign photo shoot (which is one of my goals for the 101 in 1,001) and he gave us adorable smiles. Here he is.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Niagara Falls Girls weekend Pictures!!!

Fairly self explanatory. It was cold but it was beautiful!!! We had a blast but I was glad to be home in my comfy bed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back home.

We survived!!!! It was a great trip!!! I will post some pictures at some point this week, (I have some beautiful falls pictures, something to do with a sock monkey and a picutre of a monestary) right now I'm just trying to catch up on everything.

Dave did Fantastic watching Austin. He even told me that he has a new appreciation for mom's, especially single moms. He also said he was amazed at just how hard it was to get anything accomplished. Yes, Austin isn't moving around much yet but he still demands the attention and makes things like cleaning the bathroom a little difficult.

I should be getting to bed soon, Mommy life is back to normal in a few hours.

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