Thursday, March 28, 2013

I found it on Pinterest!

I vaguely remembered a pin, this pin in fact, about putting a glow stick in bubbles and having glow in the dark bubbles.
We had some left over bubbles from Mackenzie's birthday party, and I figured why not. In the summer it doesn't start to get dark here until about 11pm or later, so it's really not the best time to test this out with Austin. Even though it was kind of cold tonight and about 40 minutes past his bed time I figured what the hell.
I busted out the glow stick tube I bought at Michaels. I didn't have high hopes for these glow sticks. The other tube I bought and pulled out when we lost power during a storm to light the way through our house for Austin didn't glow very much at all. They were sad and pathetic. I wish I had known that before buying 2 tubes, but anyways.
I decide on yellow glow sticks since they seemed to be glowing the brightest out of all of them (and glowing is an understatement) Take them to the kitchen and cut off an end and try to dump it in. Nothing came out. I tried wiggling the glow stick, nothing. So, I figured out I had to cut it into small pieces (I cut them into 3 pieces) and blow through the one end to get everything out.(without my lips touching!) Now, I will note, I think these glow sticks suck because they don't have enough glowing liquid in them. A good glow stick will probably pour out much easier. Anyways, I emptied 3 glow sticks out into the bubbles, had Austin get his coat and boots on.
I shook up the bottle and had high hopes since our bottle looked like this one but yellow.
We got outside and could barely see the bubbles I was blowing. I let Austin blow a few bubbles then we came inside.
Then, I went to clean up.
Holy shit. That glow stick crap goes everywhere! My hands were covered in it. I didn't have the forethought to get my good camera out so I took some cell phone pictures.
This is what my garbage pail looked like.
But then, I thought I would take a picture of the garbage pail with the light off.
So I did. But once I shut the light off...... Oh.My.God.
There were splatters of glowing alllll over my kitchen. In places I didn't think would have reached. Austin laughed and said I had to clean that up. Everything on the counter and sink were splattered, my skin, my clothes, and my feet were covered. And my floor. All over the floor. Again, no forethought to get out the good camera (which seeing this mess makes me a little happy as I'm sure my camera would have been covered too) so this is from my cell phone and kind of hard to see. But that is my floor, the garbage pail, and on the top right that is the inside of the cupboard that my garbage pail was in  before I started. Yes, that shit ended up in the cupboard.
I told Austin we would try again with a better glow stick. But I think next time will be in the summer and I will cut apart the glow sticks outside. My kitchen doesn't need that kind of mess.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disney Weekend

Growing up, I LOVED Disney movies. Once I moved out on my own, even though we didn't have kids I told my husband, I really want to start collecting my own Disney movies. I can't even begin to guess how many Disney movies we owned as a kid.

(True story, I've told my mom I'm claiming the Disney movies when she dies. Yes, we're kind of morbid, whatever. What I'm going to do with them now since they are all VHS, I have no idea. But, they have been claimed.)

So, we have a great Disney collection. And, we have this super magical thing coming up called a trip to Disneyland.  Yes, Disneyland!!! Squee!

Of course I am being irrational that we are going to get there and Austin won't know who everyone is (let's be honest, Mackenzie probably won't know) and I want him to get the full magic of meeting
people from the movies. So I thought we should start watching the movies.

It started Friday night. We watched Beauty and the Beast. Then Saturday I was still nursing my injury from Friday so we hung out and watched some more movies. We started with the Lion King, then Cinderella, rounded off the night with Tangled. Sunday we started with the Little Mermaid, finding Nemo, then moved onto Cars and Cars 2. Finished off our night with Lilo and Stitch.

Now, I am SO looking forward to seeing Carsland. I have heard it's an amazing view and it's like stepping into the movie. Watching Austin watch Cars this weekend, I was thinking about Disneyland and the magic he's going to encounter in just a few short weeks. The inevitable excitement when he gets to meet a real size Lightning McQueen and Mater. I mean, he loves seeing books or cars of those 2. Meeting them IRL? I'm thinking mind=blown. And I'm going to be the mom taking a million pics and being sappy.

Since having kids, anything can make me cry. It's ridiculous and kind of embarrassing. I'm betting it will be about 2 minutes inside the park before I start to cry, if I even make it that long.  Seeing the park and the magic and excitement from Austin...... Tears, there will be tears.  I can't wait.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo dump

I am pretty sure I said I was going to start doing these photo dumps around Christmastime and I didn't do any. oops. But, I figured I would do a dump now.
Baby playing with some Toca boca band on the iPad
My most favorite picture eva!!! I love it!
The pottery pieces from Mackenzie's first birthday party
We got our passes to the West Edmonton Mall again! So to celebrate we spent an afternoon riding rides.
The Easter Bunny came to visit Austin at school
To celebrate the start of Spring Break we made a car out of a diaper box
And someone was just too tuckered out to stay awake any longer.
As she fell deeper into sleep she was sliding off the pillow and smooshing her face. Poor baby.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Buh bye GFC

For those non-bloggy people, that's google friend connect. It's leaving us. Why? I don't know, I kind of enjoy being able to read all my blogs.  BUT, you can follow me here Follow">">Follow my blog with Bloglovin
and still get all this fabulousness when GFC bids us adieu.
I would love to see my whole 14 followers continue to follow me, and heck, maybe even hope for some new followers!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The 1st birthday party

I will admit it. My poor daughter was victim to second child syndrome. I totally dropped the ball on her party. Austin? His was planned with little details months before his actual party. I threw Mackenzie's together in about a month and a half.
I thought of themes. I think owls are super cute, but "look Whoo's Two" is a much cuter theme then just an owl 1st birthday. Then I thought pink cowgirl. Then, I tried to book somewhere for the party. (we do not have the space we had when Austin turned 1) Of course being a slight procrastinator left me with few options.  Finally, we booked a party at Crock A Doodle. I knew Mackenzie wouldn't care what we did for her party. However, a lot of our friends all have kids about Austin's age. I wanted to do something that they wouldn't get bored. Crock A Doodle it was. Basically a pottery painting place.
Ta-Da! Artist theme party!!!!  I went to order a cake.... and there was nothing cute for an artisty theme. I found a cute sesame street cake in their book that had polka dots all over it. I requested the polka dots in pinks and purples.  Of course then I thought, hmmm, Austin had a 1st birthday that was Elmo, and we had a bunch of supplies left over. (the plastic plates I bought for the party? We still use them today. 3 years later) I went to the party store and bought a happy 1st birthday Sesame Street candle, some Sesame Street decorations that I knew we didn't have for Austin's birthday, and let Austin pick out random party favours to give away.
Let's just say, it's a good thing I bought some Sesame Street stuff. Because when I went to the box of party supplies, there was a vapourizer in there instead. And the left over supplies from Austin's 3rd birthday when I just lifted the flap of the box high up on the closet shelf and dropped them in what I thought was our left over party supply box. Imagine my surprise, when I found all that 1st birthday stuff I already had was gone.  The party still went on with a hybrid Artist/Sesame Street theme.
So, to keep with the Artist theme, I got out my sewing machine and got crafty. I picked up 3 different colour of star fabric and made all the party goers an apron for crafting and cooking!
So, the goodie bags consisted of: Sand Bucket to hold everything, 2 Sesame Street crazy straws, a Sesame Street blower, a container of bubbles, Colouring page roll, mini pencil crayons, clackers, a mini skateboard, magnifying glass, and a mini set of paint.
The Aprons were put at each kids seat as they came in.
The kids? They loved the painting! Even the birthday girl got in on it!
She had so much fun rubbing the paint all over her face.
And getting her handprints done!
And then? It was time for cake!
And I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her cake a lot.
And finally, my 2 adorable kids.
(And it bugs me that even though the bows on her shirt and her shoes were the same color, the picture looks like the bows are orange and the shoes are pink)
And this picture? Just makes my heart melt. She loves her big brother so much.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

She's a year!!!

And damn aren't these pics just adorable!?!?

(I will totally admit that yes, I should have taken the pics before we had her party, painted, ate lunch, ate dinner, and played all day. So, her shirt is dirty, but it's still a cute outfit!)

She's so sassy and cute! Also, she's got a crap ton of dry skin around her mouth. Because of the time of year Austin also has a bunch, but with him I can put the good lip balm around it and it clears it up within a day or two. That stuff will sting the first few times it's put on and he can deal with it. I don't really want to put it on her and have her freak out. So, I keep trying to moisturize it and hope it eventually goes away.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I'm sitting here, killing time before I have to switch the laundry over. (Ugh laundry) and thinking about how I really should write up a special little blog post.

You know, the one that talks about how my baby. That's right, My BABY turns one. ONE!!!

Oh, and I should mention, that she turns 1 tomorrow.

Hey, Universe! Where did you hide that last year?!? Seriously, how has it been a year since this baby made her presence here. I really just don't know.

However, I'm sitting here thinking about it and I am just not sure I'm ready to post the newborn squishy photos, re-live the birth experience, look back on how our life has changed this past year. I'm just not ready. So I don't think it will be posted tonight. I plan on taking some cute pics tomorrow so maybe tomorrow night I will be armed with some pictures and great memories. Tonight I am forgetting that I now have a toddler. Sigh

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