Friday, January 21, 2011

A Giveaway

Hi Everyone! I am doing a giveaway through my business, Creations By Kristin. It's a facebook giveaway, so head on over there to check it out. Just click HERE to go to my page. Essentially, I will be giving away a Heart Shaped Chipboard book, ready to be filled by you, when I reach 100 Likes on my page. There are also details on my other blog here about everything going on with my business.

Thank you so much for all your support!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someone didn't want to sleep.

I finally grabbed the video camera almost 2 hours after he went to bed. I could hear him down the hall laughing and yelling (and at one point having a Mine! Mine! Mine! fight with who knows what in there.)

I love how he tells me no way when I ask him to put his pj's back on, and when he looks at the mess on his floor (that he made) he says Wooooowwwwwwww. My kid cracks me up sometimes.

Wordless Wednesday

As promised, here is wordless Wednesday.

Also Check out my craft blog or my etsy store for some pictures and new items.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A bit of insight to me

How to start this post... I've been sitting here trying to figure out how to start this. I've been wanting to write this and get it out for a while. I guess the best way to start is...

My name is Kristin, and I've been dealing with depression. I really don't think that it is Post Partum Depression, even though I finally got to my breaking point where I got myself help after having Austin. I'm pretty sure I've been fighting the internal battle for years. While packing up our house I came across my diary from back in College. There were some things I wrote in there that I was feeling before I went to my dr. It was then that I realized that I have been fighting with Depression for years.

I have been doing much better, suprisingly much better then I expected. I honestly thought that this move to Alberta would have affected me much more. I have been feeling ok. I've been trying to take my medications every day, but honestly I haven't been remembering. I've still been ok.... Mostly. One day last week kicked my ass. I felt very down and didn't have any oomph or fight in me. Austin was lacking a nap and was cranky and I got really upset with him. He didn't do it on purpose but I felt like he was being cranky to get to me. I yelled, and to be honest, I wasn't proud. I told my husband and cried. I felt like a giant jerk. Thankfully those days have been further and further apart since starting my medication but that doesn't make it any easier when they do happen. I just want to crawl into bed and avoid everyone because I know that I get upset and say things I don't mean. But I soldier on.

Through all of this though have been 2 major people of support. My husband Dave and my friend Devon. When I would get frustrated and upset and told Devon about my feelings she was the one who talked to me about Depression and pushed me to talk to my dr. She was there for me every step of the way. She also knew that I was pretty likely to back out of my appt so she drove me (and bribed me with ice cream after :p) and made sure I was ok with everything. With my husband being gone I did turn to Devon quite a bit and she helped me a lot. More then I could even begin to explain.

My husband has been amazing as well. There have been so many times before and when I was first starting my medication that I would just fall apart and cry. My husband would sit beside me on the floor giving me kleenex and just be there. I would be a bubbling random "I don't know why i'm crying" mess and he would just sit and be there for me. I knew that we wouldn't be able to live apart anymore. He is a huge support for me and him not being there and me being alone with Austin was just too much for me. With him being gone for the past 16 months we definately had some issues that caused strain on our marriage. I knew we couldn't continue like that.

It definitely is a shock being in a new province, city, and even house without any friends, family or the other half of my support system but this is what needed to be done. It's also been great to have my husband here with me for the past few months, but on the other hand it's very stressful to be worrying about jobs and money. I don't even want to get into the stress from this house. My big 'dream' when planning our move was being able to re-decorate. My house is Taupe. A light taupe and a slightly darker taupe. I am itching to paint and decorate. But I can't. We pretty much need to take all the walls down to re-insulate. I have frost and ice on the INSIDE of my bedroom wall. Our roof leaked this week so the extension needs to be re-roofed, and hey, while we're at it we may as well put some heat in there, because that's right. there is none. No vents, nothing. So... no re-decorating for me until the warmer weather is here and we have some money.

Most of this post has been written bit by bit. I will admit that now I am starting to get worse. I am crying more for no reason, and I have also been making sure to take my pills everyday. I am worried and stressed. I'm not working and as much as I would love to get a job (believe me, I've been applying) I can't just go and apply at the local fast food restaurant. With Dave home that is fine, I can work whatever. But what happens if he gets a camp job and is gone for a few months? We don't have anyone here who can watch Austin during the evenings or on weekends when daycares are closed. Not too many places want to hire someone with such limited availability. As it is he is gone to Fort Mac for work. If I was working and had to work this weekend, where would I be? It was stressful enough to arrange care for Austin with 3 sets of parents and many willing family members close by. Not having anyone here, well, I really don't think I could do it.

I just need to focus on the bright side of things and know that I have people who love and care for me. I have a roof over my head and a furnace that graciously runs non stop to keep us from freezing to death in our house. (I won't say keeps the house hot, because most days you need a sweater in here.) I have the most adorable little boy who is a little mischief maker but melts your heart and makes you giggle while he's at it. I have my husband who knows when to give me my space and just listen to me cry, or let me yell and be cranky at him. I just need to remember all these things and try to keep my head above the water. I'm hoping anyone who reads this will help me remember that.

My name is Kristin and I am dealing with depression. I am trying to kick it's ass before it kicks mine. Thanks for listening.

Facebook Friday!!

I've decided to participate in Facebook Friday. What it is basically, you link to your blog or facebook site. Then there is a list of other people who have done the same. You go there, and like them too!! This is a great way to get your name out there and discover new talented people with products or blogs you might just fall in love with. lol. Also, for those of my readers who haven't yet, go check out my facebook page for Creations By Kristin and hit like! It's the best place to get updates on any new products I have available.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So for a while I've been hanging around in the blog world. There is this thing that happens on Wednesdays that is called Wordless Wednesdays. Basically you post pictures. No words necessary. I think I might take part in a few wordless wednesdays because I have tons of pics to share, plus it's a great way to still connect with my readers. Obviously this week I have a few words so I will no be participating. Plus Wednesday is almost over. There is always next week.

A Month or so ago I thought about starting something called What's up Wednesdays. Basically reaching out to some friends you haven't talked to in a few days/weeks/months or even years and finding out What's up? Now that I am living so far away from everyone in my previous life, I think What's up Wednesdays could be a hit! How about you? Do you know of anyone you would reach out to with What's up Wednesday?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Michaels...

I'm sure all of you know that I am hardcore crafter. My super awesome husband got me a cricut a few years ago for Christmas. For owning the cricut for so many years, I definitely don't have a lot of cartridges. Due to the cost of them in store ($90 to $120 at michaels) I can only afford to buy them during sales.

Well, Boxing day Michaels had cartridges on sale for $39.99. This is the cheapest i've seen them so we went. They had nothing. boo. We picked up the other stuff we went for and checked out. The cashier put the little flyer with the upcoming sales into our bag. I get home, unpack the bags and find the flyer. And I see this

And I was in shock and totally excited. Cartridges for $16.99?!?!? Holy crap! The sale is Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th. Now, I know it says while supplies last, no rain cheques etc. So I tell my super awesome husband that we are going to be standing at the door the minute the doors open on the satuday. I put the flyer on my fridge and even write it on the calendar.

Fast forward to Saturday. We are in the middle of a crazy snowstorm. Regardless, we got dressed and ready to go for the 9am opening. The snow pile at the end of our driveway was so big that we had to get the snowblower out and it took a good 30 minutes, even with the snow blower to get out of the driveway. We brave the drive into Edmonton and even though the main roads are plowed, Michael's parking lot sure the hell isn't. I pull into the parking lot, and get stuck. My super awesome husband got out and pushed me until I finally got going again and made it to the store. This is when my super awesome husband turns into slightly cranky husband. We made it there with 5 minutes to spare.

9 am there are 3 of us waiting at the door and the Michaels associate opens the door. The lady in front of me asks, where do you keep the cricut cartridges. Now here is where the whole day gets worse. The associate answers. "Aisle (whatever) but the ones on sale for $16.99 are sold out." I think all of us stopped in our tracks and stared at the lady. It's the first day of the sale, how on earth are they sold out. So, I ask.

"These cartridged went on clearance before Christmas and we've been sold out since then." That explains why there were no cartridges there on boxing day. However, knowing you don't have any stock and you have a sale coming up, why would you not order more? I point out that maybe they shouldn't have advertised the sale if there were none available. The oh so helpful associate (did you read that with sarcasm in your head? Good.) tells us that the sales are determined 6 months in advance. Obviously they should know there is a sale coming up, order more!!! So we figure, we are already in town, lets see if the other stores have any. Nope, they are all out too. One store has 3 of one cartridge. I'm not driving across town for that.

We leave the store even more ticked off and stand with one of the ladies that was waiting with us for the door to open while she called the 1-800-michael number. She was told pretty much, tough luck for you. My slightly cranky husband becomes really cranky husband.

We get in the car, crank the heat back up and go to leave.... Our tires just spinned. We were stuck. Really cranky husband gets out and pushes (again) and when we finally manage to get the car moving I have to hit the brakes and stop because a truck was coming up to the intersection and wasn't going to be stopping. Really cranky husband turns into yelling husband. Starts pushing again. Finally after a good 30 minutes we are freed from the clutches of Michaels. Yelling husband is now downright pissed off husband.

We head home and I hit the interwebs. Leave a comment with michaels twitter page, log onto their facebook page and leave a comment then hit up the website and email them. On the facebook page, there are HUNDREDS of other equally pissed off people. Apparently stores in the states were told to start the sale early so those lucky enough to be in the store before the weekend got cartridges, but people like me, who show up early on saturday were left disappointed. My downright pissed off husband calls the 1-800-michael number himself. He is told unfortunately they sold out, too bad. We mention how our michaels hasn't had any cartridges (incl. reg price) since boxing day. the oh so helpful phone agent (yes, read sarcasm in that too) tells us that the michaels superstars (not really the name, yes, sarcasm) checked inventory on Dec 31st and decided that there was enough for this sale and didn't need to order more. Well, someone please tell me where they found that stock, because there is nothing in Edmonton.

Like I had said, I emailed Michaels. This is the message I had sent to them.

Call Description: I am writing in regards to the cricut cartridges on sale in the flyer for this week starting today. I arrived at 9am to my closest Michaels store, despite a severe snow storm, to be told as we walked in the door that they were all sold out of the cartridges that were on sale today.I find it ridiculous that on the first day of the sale, with the first customers of the day there not be ANY product available. We were told by the employees at the store that the cartridges had been reduced before Christmas and they had sold out of them then. If they sold out of the cartridges over 2 weeks ago I find it hard to believe that they did not think that maybe they should re-order for this upcoming sale.

I am beyond disappointed at Michaels for this and do spend a lot of my scrapbooking money there. I am in the midst of getting my own handmade card business off the ground and believe me, I do spend quite a bit at Michaels on paper, glue and embellishments.

I am starting to think that maybe I need to order my products online from now on because Michaels seems to be unreliable with it's promotions. I have also noticed on your facebook page that there are quite a few people who experienced the same thing today and are as equally upset. I do hope that you take this chance to make it up to your customers, while you still have them.
Kristin *****

I think it was well written and said for the most part. Just before writing this post, I received a response from Michaels.

New Entry: Dear Kristin, Thank you for contacting us; we appreciate your business! The Cricut cartridges featured in the Weekly Ad that are available for $9.99 ($16.99in Canada) are only clearance styles. These styles are being retired andare only available while supplies last, as noted in the ad. We apologizefor the inconvenience.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-642-4235 with any further questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Michaels Customer Relations

CCCallID: 02796486

It does not note anywhere in the ad that it is only clearance styles. I states Cricut clearance blowout (which one would think means you are NOW putting them on clearance) and states that Cricut cartridges Orig $89.99. Does not say anything about previously clearanced items or only certain ones.

I also love how they don't even take responsibility and accountability for the email to an actual person and just sign the email Michaels Customer Relations. This whole thing angers me so much. I guess it's time to check out Ebay and wholesale websites instead. Thanks for nothing Michaels.

The power of the internet.

It's crazy. It really is. The internet will connect you with so many people in so many ways. Ways that you really didn't think was possible. The internet will also show you many different things, things that you stumble upon through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and so on. Yes, there are some hilarious things, but the things that stand out most to me are the bonds I create with virtual strangers, and the stories that touch me deep inside.

Sometimes I feel a little silly when I talk about people I have met online. Through Chat boards, through facebook, and most recently through twitter. When you are on a site every day and you are talking with the same people you start to get drawn into their lives and you think about them and only want the best for them. I have been a part of a few chat boards. Last year though there was a huge issue that came up and I lost the support of a board I had been a part of for about 5 years. I have seen these women go through so much and have so many happy moments. There were quite a few I had actually met and became friends with. We talked on a regular basis. I was crushed when I lost them. I don't want to go into the full details here, but some days I still feel sad about this. I still want to know them and still want to cheer them on when there is exciting news and cheer them up when they need it. To this day I don't understand how I could be turned on, and viewed as a monster when I wasn't.

But, I digress, I am on another board as well and there are so many touching stories. Some people just don't seem to understand that I do care about all those strangers out in internet land. I do care and do think about them when I am not talking to them. I hope they get their car fixed, land the promotion they were up for, get the answers they are looking for when they have a sick child, finally enjoy a vacation they have been planning forever.

But back to my original point, I have been connected, most of the times through blogs to so many things that pain my heart and make me want to reach through the computer and hug the authors. So many exciting things as well. These are people that without the internet I probably would know nothing about.

In the past year or so, I have followed a family in the tragic loss of their young daughter to cancer. I follow a father tragically singled immediately following the birth of his daughter and how he coped and tried to be the best parent possible. I have read about a pregnant mother, distraught because her young child passed away from unknown causes when she had done everything she could to keep him safe. Recently I read an extremely sad blog post about a 1 1/2 year old passing away because of a heavy dresser landing on him. I've followed the blog of a couple who were devastated to find that their home had been taken from them by a fire and they slowly had to put the pieces back together. And just these past few days, of an incredibly strong woman I met through Twitter losing her husband so quickly and unexpectedly. Even though there are very few details it is Heartbreaking and something that makes me want to cry at my computer, find her and squish her in hugs and try to take some of her pain away.

The internet is a powerful thing to me, and I feel it brings me so much closer to many people I would never have a chance to know. In the past year I have reached out more on Twitter. I have made a few good friends that I know I could pass hours of time with and it would seem like nothing. These are people that I speak with every day or so and know about their life, and their kids and their frustrations. People that if they were in trouble I would love to be able to help out if I could. People that my husband thinks i'm crazy for when I mention meeting up with them. Yes, I know the world is also full of scary crazy non trusting individuals, but sometimes the people you meet online aren't horrible monsters. They can end up being the best friend you've ever had. Even though you didn't meet them in person doesn't mean they can't mean that much to you. These friendships are important as well and can make a huge difference in your life. We should all hold on tight and make sure to keep these friendships as much as possible.

I want everyone reading this to go and tell an online friend just how much they mean to you. Let them know that you will be there for them if they need you. Reach out to them and make a more meaningful relationship. You just never know where it will lead you. You never know, just saying hi and telling them that you enjoy talking to them might make their day. The internet is full of lots of people who feel like they don't have anyone to relate to other than a group of virtual strangers. So go, tell them how you feel and that you do care.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I laugh at stupid stuff

No really I do. I can break into laughter and just not stop over anything. I will start to calm down then repeat in my head what got me going in the first place, and well... I just don't stop.

So, since the internet is full of time sucking websites I've avoided this one like the plague. It's a site dedicated to all those auto corrects that our new technology, mostly the iPhone, decide to throw our way. Well, I visited last night. I was laying in bed beside my husband silently giggling and crying from laughter while trying to not wake him up. So tonight I wanted to catch up on a few more. Omg hilarious. I will start reading and start laughing and laugh at the stupidest ones ever. Ones that aren't even funny. And forget telling other people. I tried to tell a few to Bob tonight and couldn't even get them all out because I was laughing. About Ovaries. haha. And yes, at one point I even snorted.

Because I rock.

If you want to kill some time with some funnies I would suggest checking that site out, or some of my other favorites - failblog texts from last night lamebook and failbook then for those fans of etsy there is regretsy and finally I think my mom's favorite People of Walmart

Have any more time wasters... err favorite websites to share?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


11 Minutes ago the call out began.

Dave is at the hall.

They say Good morning let's begin.

They usually start with people who have been laid off since August. Maybe one or two guys heads up to the dispatch window.

Then they move to September, then October.

Slowly they call the months up.

Lately they've gotten to october and there is a line up of people at the dispatch window.

We are December 2nd.

Come on December.

The last week and half has sucked. With the holidays the hall has been closed quite a bit. It was closed monday so yesterday they didn't have any calls.

Today there is hope.

Today there are 51 jobs.

I don't know if I want to cry that there is a chance he will get a job, or cry because he might not get one.


Another disappointment.

I try to stay positive but I also try not to jinx it.

Please whatever karmic/godly/supernatural powers are out there.

Let today be a happy day.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Dinner

This year we were on our own for Christmas dinner. I was totally leaving it to Dave to deal with. I don't do raw meat, and have never cooked a turkey, or a chicken... However, Dave was sick and went back to bed as soon as presents were done.

That left me to figure out how to cook a turkey.
First, I searched using my Swagbucks toolbar. It gave me some basic info, rinse turkey inside and out remove giblets and pat dry. I managed to do all of that. yay me! I also want to say a huge thanks to whoever bought us this for our wedding. I honestly thought we'd never use it.
But then I was stuck. I was sure that some seasoning was needed but didn't know what. So I called my Mother in Law. She told me what to do. First, spread butter on it and put pepper on.
Yes, I'm doing the 2 finger thing because I don't like touching meat. haha. Then I threw random spices into the turkey. Yes threw. I held the turkey up like this...
and with my other hand tossed seasoning into it. haha. Hey, whatever works. lol. Finally, My turkey was ready to go into the oven.
Dave was sleeping all afternoon. I cooked the potatoes, carrots, did the stuffing, and then this beauty was ready to come out.
Then I made some super delicious gravy and our table was ready to go.
As you can see on the far right side, Dave did get up for a bit but only had a few bites of everything. Austin loved the Potatoes and stuffing. I think the whole thing turned out amazing! I was really surprised it turned out ok!!
All in all it was a successful dinner and I'm sure in the future I will make it again, but not too near in the future. lol!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


2011 is going to be a good year. I'm determined to make it so.

I can go on and on about New Years resolutions but let's face it, I have never been able to stick to them. Instead, how about things I'm pretty sure will happen.

I am going to try and work on my health and losing weight. Obviously this isn't the easiest thing for me, so I am going to try. If anyone out there wants to keep me accountable to this I would love the help.

I am beyond excited about our bills. Yes, I know, that is something ridiculous to be excited about. However it is exciting. We haven't been exactly awesome with our finances, and racked up quite some debt. But I'm very excited to share that out of all of our bills we paid off one of them in December and the last payment on a loan comes out this month. As soon as Dave gets another job we are going to be great. We have the extra funds from the 2 bills, plus since moving to Alberta our car insurance is cheaper, our Mortgage is cheaper and some of our utilities are cheaper. I know we will make our bills slowly disappear, and while they may not be gone this year I know that we will have made a dent in it.

I know that we will be working on our house. New windows and insulation in the walls if we want to survive another winter without A) freezing or B) becoming broke from heating. lol. I plan on painting and decorating a bit. Everything in this house is either a light or dark color of beige. I kid you not. The previous owners left us a note with the colors of paint attached to it. It was one paint chip with 2 colors circled. I need some color in this place and have some great ideas for it.

Also, most importantly I really want to get my business going. I've launched my etsy store ( and really want to make people happy with what I can make. I want people to get a smile on their faces when they see they've been given a handmade item and know that some thought went into their gifts. If anyone out there has any kind of event coming up, birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, thank you cards, mother's Day, Father's day, or even just a little something pretty to let a friend know you are thinking of them. I would love to make something special for you. I want to be a part of your special Occassion. I can also make an upcoming Birthday party a blast with themed Decorations. If you have a need I will try my hardest to wow you. I hope I have a chance to work with you in the upcoming year!

In closing, I am going to try to make this an awesome year. Come on 2011, let's rumble!

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