Monday, November 29, 2010

That list thing??

Remember that list thing, you know, the 101 in 1,001 list. Sigh. I'm sucking at it right now. I just read through a few of them. I am going to have to go through a lot of them and edit them. One thing I did find funny was wanting to double my blog posts this year over last year. Yeah, not going to happen. I don't think I thought that one through. I had 85 posts last year, so doubled is 170. That makes aprox 14 blog posts a month. I don't really think I'm that interesting! lol. Also, considering with one month left of 2010 and my current blog post count at 65, I think we might have some trouble. haha! Maybe I'll annoy you over this next month and try to get over 85. hmmm

I also don't think I will reach my goal of 30 (or 35?) books in 2010. I don't remember the last time I picked up a book. I would really like to get back into it. I want to add more fitness goals, tweak the ones currently there, oh about a million things I haven't thought of yet. I have less than a year left to finish them, I really hope I will be able to get most of them accomplished.

well, off to check out the list.

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