Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless wednesday

A cute little boy and his grandpa. I don't think he realizes grandpa goes home tomorrow and won't see him 24/7

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living with a boy.

Having a little boy is fun.... So much fun, that you get to deal with boo boo's and scrapes.

Today we had an appt for our 3rd year pictures (yes, he's 3 already! WTH!) We're getting ready to go becuase my step mom was coming to pick us up. I'm tidying up and say "go get your coat!" Seconds later I hear a crash, bang, then cries. I go running. There is my little monkey sitting at the bottom of the stairs half in a laundry basket. I go to check him out and see blood. Thinking he just hit his lip. I take him back upstairs to clean up the spit/blood and find it's not coming from his lip. It's his nose. Sigh. He scraped the skin in 2 places on his nose, and a spot on his head, but there was no red or bruising. Yay! Got the blood stopped, check out his nose, and he finally stops crying.

I ask him what happened. "I fell down" I explained that yes, I knew that. How did he fall down the stairs. "ride basket" ah yes, that explains it. Daredevil child. My step mom showed up and I asked her to look at his face, and she said she didn't think it was broken. He was still poking it himself and not screaming or crying in pain. By the time we got to the photo studio his forehead had a red mark on it. We took a bunch of pictures and I tell you that it doesn't look all that noticable in the proofs I saw. I hope that if there was anything noticiable they can photoshop it out of there!! lol. At least we will have an awesome story to tell if you can see it. lol

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