Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have found a new man to love.. His name is Austin. He just melts my heart when I go in to get him in the morning and as soon as he sees me he breaks into the biggest smile ever. sigh. so cute. I will have to get a picture of this. Maybe tomorrow morning I will grab the camera before I go in to get him.

He is getting better at getting up on his knees now. Uh oh. let's see how much he gets into now!! We have to lower his crib. We've been saying this for a while now but I think we need to do it tomorrow. When he gets up on his knees he's not far from the top of the crib. Today we were laying on the floor in the living room and he was getting frustrated with his knees (He was still in his sleeper and his legs had slipped out of the legs of the sleeper and his feet kept hitting the crotch so he coudn't move them properly) so he tried his legs. He managed to be on his hands and feet with his bum up in the air for a few seconds then would topple over. I can't believe how big he's getting!!

*101 in 1,001 update, finished another book!!*

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Little Godzilla

Tonight I fed Austin his cereal then left him playing in his highchair with some maracas we have. Well he threw the maracas off and decided to amuse himself. I was sitting at the table reading a magazine and couldn't help but laugh when I saw what he was doing.
He was godzilla.

He has fish printed on his highchair and he was trying to touch them with his fingers and when it wouldn't work he would start yelling and putting his hands above his head.

Then he would go back to being quiet and trying to catch the fish then go back to being godzilla.
For those of you who are on my facebook right now I am trying to upload a video of him doing this too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another post for today

So, I want to start taking more pictures. I know I already have a ton, but I would love to have more. I've also found out about a site that can turn your blog into a book, complete with pictures. I think it would be good to put more pictures and update more of Austin's life here then turn it into a book for him to keep for the future!

After updating earlier Austin was laying on the floor and got up onto his hands and knees. He didn't move anywhere and was only there for about 5 seconds but for a second I thought he was going to start crawling! We are going to be in so much trouble soon if he's almost crawling!!!

Week almost done...

I'm glad this week is almost done. Dave was on afternoons this week which I thought I would enjoy but figured out I don't like it so much. I don't get anything done. I have no energy to clean and do stuff around the house at night and when he's here I want to spend time with him instead. Tomorrow he has the day off though so that's exciting. I think we might go swimming tomorrow which is good because it will be the first time we go swimming all together.

I think Austin should have some teeth coming in soon. Last week there were a few times where he wouldn't stop crying until I was rubbing his gums with my finger. Then he woke up with a runny nose after non-stop crying the night before. And I've noticed yesterday and today he's not that interested in eating. Today he wouldn't stop crying. He wouldn't eat, sit, stand, lay down or cuddle. I finally had to swaddle him (something we haven't done since he was less than 2 months old) and he passed out. I should note that he was great this morning when daddy was still home then about 5 minutes after daddy left is when the crying fit started.

I have some of Austin's 5 month old pics but don't have any posted here yet. I will admit that on his actuall 5 month old day I didn't get it done so I made the sign and took the pics the next day. In the grand scheme of things one day won't make a difference with how he looks. Also with pictures, I bought some nice frames for the 8x10 pics we ordered of Austin's pro pictures at 3 months. Now we just have to figure out where to put them. We have the 2 8x10 and we have 13 5x7 proofs that we want to put up. We were thinking of putting all the 5x7's on one wall in our living room and maybe the 8x10's upstairs in the hallway.

To keep up with the books I am reading I am going to create a list on the left side of the blog with all the books I've read and I will rate them out of 5*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First train ride and Toronto trip

2 fridays ago we decided to take a day trip to toronto on the train to spend the $100 gift card Dave won for the Eaton's Centre. Here are a few pictures from that trip.

Austin and his daddy waiting for the train

Austin on the train enjoying the ride, but not enjoying the sun so much.

On the way home looking out the window and loving it

The commuter baby

And finally a mommy and baby moment (I don't have a lot of these pictures)

Enjoy the pictures!!
We had our first 'baby class' yesterday. I was kind of excited. It's infant massage. Austin seemed to enjoy it and it gives us a chance to meet new babies.

I thought the class started at 10:30 so I got myself ready and went online to look up the address at 9:50 and realized the class actually started at 10:00. Austin was still lying in his crib in his pj's. I quickly dressed him, ran downstairs, made him 2 bottles and away we went. Thankfully we don't live too far from the class so we were there by 10:05. Afterwards me and another mom that I knew before the class went for lunch at Los Cabos. mmmmm mexican food. We had a nice relaxing (and quiet) lunch because both of the babies slept all the way through. After lunch we went back to the other mom's house and fed/changed the babies then jumped in one car and went to pickering to get a bathing suit for the babies at The Children's place. I got Austin a cute suit with fishies on it. Can't wait to go swimming and get to use it!!!

101 in 1,001 update: I have now started a baby class and finished another book.

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