Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maternity underwear

I want to shank whoever said maternity underwear are to die for. They suck.

I'm think around march 15th I'm going to host an underwear burning party. The fire will be going for a while because I have bought a crazy amount of underwear in hopes they are comfy. I have tried so many brands. They fall down in the back, they fall down in The front, the fall down on just one side (yeah, that one is fun.)

I've bought motherhood underwear, thyme maternity underwear, low rise, high rise, and even a crap load of normal non maternity ones. They all suck.

When I was pregnant with Austin he sat so high I wore my regular undies. I had zero issues whatsoever. I was comfy, and thought people just wasted money on maternity underwear. Then this baby started out so low. I have been in underwear hell since about August.

Like most mothers at the end of their pregnancy I'm counting down the days until my little squishy newborn comes, but I'm also counting down the days until I can throw all the maternity underwear into a barrel and set them on fire. That's how much I'm hating them.

So, hopefully come march 15th baby will be here and I can squeeze into some of my old undies and be done with the maternity ones. I.cant.wait.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh kids

Seriously, my kid, and many other kids crack me up with some of the things they come up with.

I ask him something and lately his answer starts with "weeeeelllllllllllllll" like he's saying ok mom, I'll tell you but it's a long story. Seriously cracks me up.

And even though he's been saying it for a while, every time he calls the iPod the pock pock or tells me he's playing wing wing birds (angry birds) it makes me smile.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The day my heart went mush.

Tonight let it be noted that it's the day my heart went mush.

I was reminded just how awesome my husband is. With him being gone so much for work I truly worry about Austin having great "daddy and me" memories. The day started out with cleaning out the new baby's room. We emptied the closet and came across 2 sleeping bags. We put them in the kitchen to go out to the garage. Hours later Austin drags the sleeping bag into the living room and asks daddy if they can go camping. Now, it being January and rather cold out, Daddy said no, we're not going to go camping. I thought about it for a while and about an hour later I went into the living room and suggested to Dave that maybe the boys should "camp" in the living room tonight. He tells me he's already ahead of me. They were going to sleep in the sleeping bags in the living room. (and this is when I'm kicking myself for not going to get the kids tent when it was on sale before Christmas for $25, because sleeping in the tent in the living room would have been even more awesome.)

Tonight the next door neighbor and I went to bingo. I had fun. I got home just after 9:30. There in my living room was daddy and Austin laying on an air mattress in their sleeping bags. As soon as I walked in the door Austin said "mommy's home!" then despite cars 2 being on, he rolled over and went to sleep. Dave figured he was just waiting for me to get home before falling asleep. Very shortly after I got to snap this picture:
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When I first got home I excitedly asked Austin if he was camping with daddy tonight and I could tell he was happy that him and daddy got to camp out. Like I said I worry about him having memories of his dad because he isn't around all the time. I know my son and I can guarantee he will be talking about this night for weeks if not months. Yes, the bed would have been comfier and easier, but it melted my heart that my husband knew this would be the type of thing that would make a great memory and gave up sleeping in a bed for a night to make a great night for his son. (especially since we've both sworn off sharing a bed with austin. He is a tosser and wiggler in his sleep) Melts my heart so much.

As I was getting ready for bed I came across this. Seriously my husband and son are so alike in a million ways, but this just cracked me up!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have to admit it.

But I don't want to.

I'm getting old.


Double sigh.

Some days I feel like an 80 year old woman. I don't mean that my age is creeping up there, or my body feels old. I mean, I'm starting to sound like an old(er) person.

Let me tell you about some examples.

In high school and college- cars with the bass cranked, were cool and awesome. Now, bass annoys the crap out of me. Heaven forbid Dave adjusts the setting on my car stereo. He gets yelled at. I think the bass level in my car is actually in the negatives. About once a month I threaten to disconnect the receiver in our living room and throw it out because the bass just thumps. Now, I can never figure out to fix the bass on the receiver, so it makes me even more mad. I get stuck sitting and listening to the bass. Tonight, I had to shut the tv off because the amount of bass was making me mad.

Another example, in college I loved eminem. LOVED him. I would crank him up with as much bass as I could, and be happy. I would "sing" along. I had at least 3 of his cd's. Swearing? Bah! Bring it on!!! Slapping around a ho? Funny. (even funnier that my autocorrect just changed that to slapping around a Jo) I can't tell you the last time I listened to eminem. I just listened to a song by drake and the amount of f bombs in there made me annoyed. Do we really need all that swearing in music? The old lady in me says no, we don't. What I find hilarious is that maybe 1-2 years ago I listened to that stuff with gusto.

Finally, I have caught myself muttering under my breath about the idiots and dumbasses I encounter on the road on a daily basis. Now, if any of you have met my grandmother, you will know why this is kind of a big deal. She makes herself known, especially displeasure. I remember once she swore at a woman in Kmart because she butt in line. Oh, and don't even think about bingo. She gets downright nasty about losing. Lol. Makes for some interesting games. I may have uttered the phrase 'kids these days' more then once lately. But really, WHAT is up with kids these days!!! Man oh man.

So yes, I am getting old, I'm not sure I want to stop it either though.

If you need me I'll be in my rocking chair on the front porch.... Muttering to myself.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless wednesday

Or maybe not so wordless.

Honestly, I'm beyond impressed with Austin's level of coloring. Yes, it's not perfect, but he's getting pretty good at coloring close to the lines.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Owning a house sucks


Last week, it got crazy cold here. Crazy cold. I'm talking -30 before the windchill. Yes, that's in Celcius. Cold.

I woke up tuesday morning, went about my morning routine. Pee, flush, wash hands.... oh shit. I turned on the taps and nothing came out. Then I heard that the toilet wasn't filling. My first thought was check the cold water too. Last year our hot water line froze but we still had cold water. Well I checked the cold water tap and nothing came out there either.

Crap Crap Crap.

Sadly, my first thought was, "It's too bad we're no longer in Ontario, I could have someone over here to figure this out for me in no time at all!" But alas, we're not. We're across the country with no one.

Now, before I continue with the story, let me give you some background info. We live in a mobile home. There is a skirting on the home to make it look like it goes right down to the ground, but it's not. There is something like a crawl space under our house. Now, in the winter, it does get cold under there. To combat problems, all the exposed water pipes have something called heat tape on them. Basically, the 'tape' connects to your electrical panel and in the cold months you make sure it's on. It uses the electricity to keep the pipes warm enough so they don't freeze. Everyone still with me?

Alright, so we have no water. I go to the electrical panel and make sure the heat tape switch didn't blow or whatever it's called. Then I checked all the windows to see if we had an ice rink outside our house. (A sign our water pipes burst from the ice expanding) So far so good. Just to be sure I open the front door to double check. I look down, and surprise! There just hanging out of the door are my keys. Well, we have no water, but in spite of my stupidity/pregnancy brain we still have both vehicles in the driveway and all our electronics in our house.

I finally get ahold of my husband and give him the bad news. He's pretty slow and bored at work becuase of the cold weather as well, so I let him take over. He calls a plumber and they say they will be by in the afternoon. Austin and I sit around and wait.... and wait. They finally showed up around 5pm, very apologetic to the fact it's been crazy busy for them. They get under the trailer, then come to give me the bad news. Our heat tape isn't working, it needs to be replaced.

It's also dark out and will take twice as long to actually repair so I make the executive decision to have them come back the next day. Thankfully they were there bright and early. They spent hours crawling around under my house in stupidly cold temperatures and by noon I had water again.

I could have hugged them. I didn't though. lol. Something just shy of $1,000 and I had water again. Yay, but boo to having to shell out the money. That's why owning a house sucks sometimes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little late in the day

But happy birthday to my husband!!!! It really sucks that he is stuck up in camp untill Tuesday. We just have to turn Wednesday into unofficially daddy's birthday day!

Funny story though. When Dave called on his coffee break this morning Austin answered and I told him to say happy birthday daddy. He did, then told Dave that he made him a cake for his birthday. What the what?!?!? No idea where he got that from but I guess we're making a cake Tuesday before going to the airport. Haha. He also told his daddy he drew him a picture for his birthday which is slightly easier to produce. We also spent some quality time with the cricut today making daddy a surprise, which, Austin picked all the paper for.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to work

Sigh, back to work time. This afternoon Dave heads back up north for work. I'm not going to lie. Him being home for 4 weeks, I got spoiled. Just this morning I slept until 10am. That's virtually unheard of with a 3 year old. The sleep and help with said 3 year old has been amazing.

I'm on a mom board, and with Austin having a birthday so late in the year, most of the moms with 3 year olds are months ahead of me. The consensus is that the terrible 2's aren't so terrible. 3 is worse. I know that the first few months of 3 are great, then BAM! They turn into little jerks. Yup, Austin's hit that point. He does not want to listen and everything is answered with a "uh uh" "NO!" or "no way!" He is ignoring everything we say, and the other day started pushing our friend's daughter. We've never had a big issue with pushing, so this was a shock.

I'm counting down the days until Dave gets home again, because I'm sure these next 2 weeks will be full of time outs and deep breaths.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

32 weeks

Almost there. Crazy just how fast time has gone. In about 8 weeks there will be a tiny little squishy baby here. I can't wait for Austin to meet his sister and see him interact with her. Life will become crazier, that's the fun of it though. A family bonding in times of craziness.

This baby kicks up a storm and has some crazy moves going on in my stomach. Maybe she's got the moves like jagger? Hmmm she also knows the most inappropriate times to start kicking my bladder making me run for a bathroom.

Despite not having anything ready to go in the house yet, I can't wait for our little baby to arrive.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing makes me smile more then kids with sunglasses.

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