Thursday, November 18, 2010

Number 150!!

Wow, this is blog number 150. How exciting is that!! Who would have thought I would have enough things to write them down 150 times. Oh who am I kidding, I could talk all day if I was allowed. (just ask my mother)

I went to write this post and thought, wow, I should do like a giveaway or something. That is what all the cool kids are doing. So why the Heck not!!! Leave a comment on this post by Sunday Nov 21st and at midnight (EST) I will use random number generator to pick a winner. Well, what does a winner get you ask? If you aren't familiar with my crafty side you can head over to and take a look. Yes, there are lots of pretty things to look at. The winner will recieve a 5 pack of hand-made Christmas cards!! (and maybe some bonus goodies if I'm feeling up to it.) I will post right away so that the winner can contact me with their address so I can get their prize in the mail.

Alright, so back to the original reason for this post....

I have a small vent about TV. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I can now watch tv shows online. Most of the time I can get lucky and catch all my shows on the network websites. I used to have a lot more luck though. I've noticed a huge shift in the sites. For example, now only has the last 3-4 episodes available on their site. Same with The worst though? only has 1, 2 if you're lucky. grrr. this doesn't help me! I was very busy at the start of this tv season. I've missed a lot of shows because I was just too busy packing and moving. There are lots of shows I would love to just sit down and watch, but I've missed a good 6-8 episodes by now. However I can no longer watch from the beginning on websites. It sucks. In the past I have used but for some of the shows the sites they take me to are ones that no longer have the earlier shows, such as the network sites, or sites that you can only view in the US. (I'm looking at you Sigh, this is just a random vent I'm throwing out there. I was given a few other possibilities today so I might go check them out now.

Or maybe I'll just go to bed.. or well, sleep, since I'm on the couch and this is my bed for the night. We've been battling sickness/flu here all week. Austin, then me, and now Dave. I gave him some flu meds and some gravol and he's out cold in our bed. I think I'll just stay on the couch. Well, I'm off to bed I guess. Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. That really does suck about the tv watching! I definitely have that problem too..although I don't have cable, so anything that I watch has to be online lol. I hope you find a good site!

    Also, that really sucks that you guys have been/still are sick, I hope you guys get better soon!


    P.S. this looks like a good blog site, might have to try it out! lol

  2. Hey new friend! I am a tried to be blogger but never get the time to really figure it out and just write. But I'm sending a hello and wanted you to know I stopped by! @DaisyB8 :-)

  3. This is the only website I've found works for tv shows. it's updated really fast too, which is awesome.

    that sucks about Dave and his job! I hope he finds something asap.


  5. I use and i watch the mega video links.. now you do have to wait till the day after the episode airs, and you can only watch 75 minutes at a time, but if you pay $10/month with mega video you can watch unlimited, on maybe you might want to try that! good luck!


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