Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stupid lasagna.

New rule. No eating food that has been in the fridge for more than 2 days. That was not a nice stomach ache I had.

This week I have done almost nothing. Monday I did nothing all day, didn't shower, didn't even brush my hair. Tuesday I did some cleaning. I cleaned and vaccuumed my living room, clean a bunch of stuff upstairs and then cleaned my living room a second time when Austin dumped my glass on juice into the bag with his scrapbook and some baby shower presents for my brother and helen. I was so worried about everything getting ruined I dumped the bag upside down on the floor, now spreading the juice all over the carpet instead of contained in the bag. *there was also A LOT of cursing going on.* Took me about 30 minutes to clean everything up. I think I now need to remove all my furniture from my living room and steam clean my carpet because last week Austin also spilled another glass of juice and a can of sprite in the living room..... Yes, I've gone through a shit load of paper towels this past week. sigh.

Then Dave's mom came over to watch Austin so I could go out and exchange the diapers we currently had in size 3 for size 4 since I know opening another case of size 3's would be pointless. Well, that was quite the fun trip, and I had the customer service ladies at walmart giving me attitude... but I won't bore you with the story. Dave's mom was awesome and not only bathed, fed, and put my son to bed, she also cleaned my front hallway. I had been looking at it all day trying to figure out where to start with the scary mess that was there, and deciding just to come back to it later...

Today we got up and I decided to head out before Austin's nap since I had some things to mail but forgot to do it last night when I had the chance. I went to my mom's work and ended up visiting with her for about 2 hours and ended up spilling an ice cap. (seriously, no drinks are safe between the two of us!) I am blaming austin though because he wouldn't stand up and help me out making it easier to pick him up so when I bent over to get him out came the ice cap... yup... totally his fault. lol. We got home and I could tell Austin was getting tired so I gave him a bottle instead of food and he was down for a nap for 3.5 hours. I tried to read but couldn't get into it so I just watched some movies till I was starting to get sleepy and had about a 45 min nap when Austin woke me up. I made him some carrots and beans for dinner and while they were cooking and cooling I gave him some cereal *wheats and biscuits or something like that, reminded me of pancake mix before you put it in the* his 'meat' *finally got him to eat the vegetable beef baby food without crying and spitting it out!! woo hoo victory!* and some apple grape sauce. *Which, instead of buying the baby food version for $0.75 I just bought the walmart brand unsweetened kind for $1.97 and it had 6 containers instead of 1* Then he got his carrots and beans which he didn't finish eating but I didn't think he would.

We had a tough time at bed because even though he was tired, I couldn't find his soother (which was behind the humidifier under a bunch of stuff he pulled off the side tables) and someone *cough*Dave*cough* didn't do as I asked and re-charge the batteries from the mobile when they died (and I remember the conversation clearly "While I put Austin to bed can you please take the batteries out of the mobile and re-charge them so they are ready for tomorrow?" Response "I'll do it tomorrow...." Well, tomorrow never came...) so tonight the batteries in his aquarium died. So we have a dead mobile and a dead aquarium and a cranky baby because he doesn't have his soother or music to fall asleep to. Finally get him down, take the mobile downstairs to take the rechargable batteries out of, and can't find the screwdriver. We keep the screwdriver in the front hall closet on the right side of the shelf so that we always know where it is. I remember going to get the screwdriver for dave a while ago and he didn't return it (But really, am I suprised???) Tomorrow I am going to have to go out to the garage and find another one and put it in the closet so I know where it is. (and maybe go buy some more re-chargable batteries so I have a set charged when the other set dies?) Just goes to show that even though Dave is in Alberta so far away he can still annoy the crap out of me... But... I still love him. And miss him.

I want to get some pictures up here of my super awesome shopping deals at Children's place on Sunday but I had temporarily lost my camera. That kind of thing happens when you don't clean your house since your husband left and you have crap everywhere... I found it though yesterday... right where I left it.. of course. lol Maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures to share!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blah. I feel sick. Don't feel like updating, been another rough day. I ate left over lasagne that my mom said should have been fine for me to eat but really wasn't. I think I'm going to go lay down and update another time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bit of a rough day

We are coming to the end of the first official week without dave. *I don't count last week because he left, then I packed for me to leave and Austin was gone for 4 days.* Today was a rough day. We had a birthday party to go to in Markham. It started at 1. Austin was napping so I got everything ready then figured I would wake him and dress him. I was still in my pj's but had my clothes laid out and just had to flat iron my bangs. It was 11:50. got me ready, got Austin ready then my phone rang. I checked the clock, it was 12:51. How the hell did an hour go by!?!?!?!?! So I'm already late, hadn't had lunch.

Get on the 401, was going to take it to brock then head to the 407. As I'm approaching pickering I'm telling myself to start getting over to get off on Brock..... then noticed as I passed the off ramp that I missed it. I was in the right lane, just didn't realize I guess? So, I had to back track. Get back to brock follow it down to the 407. Go to get on, the 407 is closed from brock to the exit I needed. ugh! The idiot in front of me first pulled into the turning lane for the 407 (apparently didn't see the big huge sign just before the hwy saying it was closed) then when he couldn't get on the 407 decided to pull into the straight lane. Well, I was already there so I had to hit my breaks and my horn so he didn't hit me. So he's right on my back end as we went down hwy 7 and turns down the next road that will take him to the 407. Thanks for leaving me alone.

Unfortunately that didn't last long because a new jerk showed up on my ass end. He was so ridiculously close. We pulled up to a red light and I tried to dig something out of my centre console. The light wasn't red long and it changed but I was still looking so he honked. It wasn't the polite little pay attention beep. It was a long non stop honk. I wanted to get out and punch him. Jerk. When he finally passed me I gave him the finger. He sped past me doing at least 110 in an 80. Where's the cops when you need them??

After that I started crying and saying I just wanted to go home and forget the day. I didn't though, I finished and got to the birthday party. It was a great party and Austin had fun with all the other babies. Left there and went to my dad's for a bit. Had dinner and a hot tub then brought Austin home because he was really tired. Unfortunately he didn't go down and fussed and cried for a good 20 min before settling. He's asleep now and in about 5 minutes I'm heading to my bed. Couldn't sleep last night. Hope everyone had a great day!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday we did nothing. I didn't even get dressed. The only reason I got Austin dressed was because when he crawls in his sleepers he ends up crawling out of the legs then having trouble crawling because he has no more room.

Today we got up and I did a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned all the crap off the kitchen table, and made my kitchen look somewhat useable. We headed to the stars and strollers movie and watched the proposal. Then tonight I had Vicki and Beatrice over for dinner. Her hubby was working afternoons so both of us would have been alone. I threw a lasagne in the oven and she brought over some ceasar salad and garlice bread. It was nice to not have to just cook for myself.

This afternoon before Vicki got here though I left Austin downstairs while I went pee. He was being a little too quiet. I came downstairs to find out he had pulled a bunch of kleenex out of the box and was trying to eat them. He's also mastered his opening and shutting. He likes to open and slam shut the door on the entertainment centre and he has a flap that opens and shuts on one of his toys and he constantly opens and closes it. Yesterday we practiced standing. I went to get him out of his crib and when I lowered the rail he let go and just stood there in his crib. We practiced a bit more in the living room. He would stand for a few seconds then lower himself down instead of falling. I can't believe how quickly he's grasping these concepts!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today was a good day. I got up and went and picked up our friend Jen. We then went to Walmart to buy tank some more food. (I think I have enough to last a while maybe...) then drove down to the lake. We watched 2 guys *try* to throw a football around. I could throw one better then them. They need some football lessons. Either way it was entertaining. Then we got out of the car and took Austin to the swings. He had such a blast. He was laughing and giggling every time he swung close to us. After that we tried the slide. That's one thing he hasn't gotten the concept of yet. I put him on his bum, held his hands, tried to slide him down... and he put his feet flat on the slide then stood up. We will have to practice the slide thing I
Austin has a cold. He's having a hard time breathing. Last night he kept waking up. Tonight I figured I would be smart and when he went down for the night I gave him some of the infant tylenol for colds. Well, he's up now. Seemingly wide awake. So..... I'm left him in his crib after calming him down. I can hear him playing and hopefully he goes to sleep. I hope this cold doesn't get too bad. It will suck not having Dave here to help out if it's a really bad cold.
Well, here are some pictures. First off, we have Austin's 8 month old pictures.
Next, we have the alberta pictures:
Dave leaving the airport.
Inside the West Edmonton Mall
Beautiful Sunset off Graham's deck.
Our awesome Polynesian room at the fantasyland hotel.
The really cute penguin I got to see upclose and personal
The sunset on the way home from Alberta.
Next we have pictures of Austin playing with Bailey and the water bowl.
And finally some pictures from the park today, he was loving the swing!
I'm sure there were a few updates on my 101 in 1,001 list but at this point I can't remember so maybe another night.
Austin is still up crying so I guess I better get him back to sleep.

Monday, July 20, 2009


What a week. Dave found out monday he was going to Alberta, was gone tuesday. Wednesday was a rough day. I'll admit, I was fine till Austin was down for his nap then I had too much time to think and started to loose it and cry. Then in the afternoon I finished all the packing. Dropped Austin off at my mom's place wednesday night then headed to Sue's. I went into work with Sue on Thursday and flew out to Alberta. Had a great 2 days. The first night we stayed at Sue's brother's place. After I got off the plane we headed to the west edmonton mall. We walked around and did a small bit of shopping. I got a new bathing suit. My other suits are quite a few years old, the material was starting to get a little thin, plus I wore them while I was huge and pregnant. My boobs don't stay in anymore. This new suit is so great. I love it, and I got it 50% off. How's that for a bonus!

Friday we headed back to the mall. We were staying friday night at the fantasyland hotel in the mall. We got a great deal on the room and we stayed in the polynesian room. It was awesome, I fell in love with the jaccuzi tub. We spent all day Friday at the mall. In the morning we went to the sea life caverns (aquarium) and saw a live penguin up close. Then we went to the Sea lion show. Headed back to the hotel, got our bathing suits. Had a quick lunch then headed to the waterpark. I LOVE the wave pool they have there. It's big waves but awesome fun! After the water park we went back to our room and I laid in the jaccuzi tub for a while... It was huge. I could lay in the tub and my feet or head wouldn't touch the side of the tub. If we win the lottery we are so getting one. After that we went for dinner at Tony Roma's. I'm not really a big fan. After dinner dave wanted to do something but I was so tired. We headed back to the room where I proceded to fall asleep in my book (yes, I woke up with my face in my book) by 7:30 pm. Kinda pathetic.

Saturday we had breakfast then headed back to the hotel to check out. We threw everything in the car then went for a round of mini golf. After that we drove out to Fort Saskatchewan where dave was going to be living to drop off his stuff. We hit up boston Pizza for lunch (and had a yummy bbq chicken pizza) then dave took me to the airport. I was a little early so I wandered around a bit. Our plane landed in Toronto at 11:30pm. Got home around 1am.

Sunday I slept in, then went over to Dave's parents to pick up Austin. Hung out over there all afternoon, had dinner then headed home. Austin crashed by 7:30 but was back up crying at 10 for an hour.

Today I had to get out of the house. I'm not planning trips and trying pack anything so it's starting to hit me. Even though Dave wasn't usually home during the day I still knew that he was gone and wouldn't be home come 5pm to help me out. I think this being the first official week will probably be the longest for me. I also don't think it will help that Austin might be getting a cold. This is not going to be fun.

Austin however had a blast today playing with bailey. Apparently we shouldn't buy Austin toys. Just give him the dog's toys and he will play for hours. I got some cute pics I will post (hopefully in a few minutes.)

I don't really have a plan for the rest of the week. If anyone is bored and wants to come by or talk, give me a call.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little something.

Here is a little something to make you smile. This has to be the funniest/cutest picture ever. I have set it on my desktop to cheer me up a little everytime I go to my computer.

For those of you who read me regularly you will notice that I will be posting a lot more now. Dave is moved to Alberta for work for 6 months. I am going to try to update this with pictures and videos (if I ever figure out how to post them) everyday or every other day. I want him to see how Austin is growing every day. I don't want him to feel like he's missing out on seeing him (well, as close as we can get to seeing him.) Dave flew out to alberta this morning and should just be landing as we speak. I am going to fly out on thursday and come home saturday. It will be a small vacation for us, plus we don't know what kind of living situation dave will be in so I will go out now so we can spend a few last days together before he starts working. I know it would be good to go out in a month or so but with me supposed to be going back to work I don't know what my schedule is going to be like or if I can even take time off to go see him. I think this is the best option right now.

Yesterday Austin was 8 months old. He's so cute and adorable. I can't believe that in just 4 short months he will be a year old!!!! yikes!

Well, that's all for now, I'm going to go have some lunch then get out of this now empty house.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Tonight was Date night. We used the gift certificate Dave's parents got us for Valentine's day. It also included babysitting. We had them over for dinner then they took Austin back to their place and we got ready for the show. We went to see Transformers 2. I liked it. It's definately not as children friendly as the last movie. Lots of swearing and adult words (although words like ass and bitch are so common now I guess they don't count... well, they count to me.) I also found it very funny. Well worth our gift certificate. It was a great night.

What I don't understand though, is that they are in the egyptian desert, Mikaila is in white pants, and they are clean. How the heck does that happen! I could be in white pants, in a white room with nothing around me and i'll find a way to get them dirty. Although by the time the serious fighting was going on her pants were dirty. I felt much better. lol.

I also didn't understand A) why there were so many kids at the movie (although as stated earlier much less child friendly then the last one so some parents might not have realized) but B) Why so many parents had their child at the 9:45pm showing!!! The movie didn't finish till 12:30. Why the hell do you have your children out!!!! Take them to an earlier showing! Geeze! (and by kids I'm talking 10 and under who should definately be in bed by 12:30)

Well It's now 1:30, I'm heading to bed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Productive nap times

Having Dave home with me has caused the week to fly by. We really haven't done too much. I gave Austin a bath yesterday with his new bath toys we bought back in May but forgot were in the cupboard. He loved the octopus, or maybe loved to chew on it. And he had a blast splashing around. He's no longer in his little bathtub, he's got the whole bathtub to himself now. I was going to get pictures of it but I wasn't going to leave him in the bath alone while I went to get the camera.

Today we didn't do much. Austin had a nice long 2 hour nap this morning so I managed to completely finish his hospital scrapbook and during his afternoon nap I put all the pages in order. I can't believe I filled one book just with the pictures of his first 4 days of life. lol. I got a great album for his first year/rest of life? album which is 12x12. That means I don't have to keep cutting all the pages down to 8 1/2 x 11 for his other album. I have so many ideas for his book and every picture I take I am imagining it in a scrapbook. I think before I get into his second book thought I will finish our wedding scrapbook, or at least work a little more on it.

Well, I should be getting to bed now, Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rough week.

So this week has been a rough week. On monday I though I was going to have a broken nose. Austin headbutted me in the nose 3 times. (one of those was while we were napping so it woke me up out of a sleep.) Plus he headbutted me in the mouth which caused my lip to swell, also during the nap. He was being difficult when lunchtime came around and now my white shirt has asparagus all over it.... hmmm Then we got some super crappy news. It sucks and we're trying to find a solution.

Today, not so much of a solution. But I did get to sleep in a bit (but almost got headbutted again when Dave brought Austin into our room) and I got to escape the house baby free for just over an hour. I went with vicky to get her passport photos and her passport. However, we got to the passport office at 4:38 and they closed at 4:30. boo!!! We did go to the superstore though and looked at all the pretty baby clothes. They are having a sale on so many cute boy clothes and shoes and I had to resist soooo badly not to buy anything, and I did it. I'm very proud. I did end up buying austin some cereal, we're going to try the rice and banana kind this week. Then I think we've tried all the cereals in the beginner and 6 months stage. I can't believe in less than a week he will be 8 months old!! Holy crap!

Here are some pictures.

We have Austin and Daddy at the cottage with daddy's fish.

This picture was just after Austin smacked dave in the face.. kinda funny.

This is Austin and his Duckie. This duck was given to him by his Aunt Katherine. This was before he was born and it was with a blanket. I wasn't sure if he would get much use out of the duck but he loves it. If you shake it in front of him he will get soooo excited and grab for it. He has chewed the legs so much that one leg has no stuffing left in it because he's sucked it into the foot. If you feel the body of the duck you can tell what it's supposed to feel like. The legs are so hardened from all the spit. He loves to stick a leg in his mouth then do something else with his hands. We just had to get a picture of it because it's so cute!

Here is a 16 shot from my camera of Austin at the bbq out in West lorne (Dave's grandparent's/Aunt & Uncles place) on June 27th. He is trying to eat a leaf. Really cute!

Also that weekend we got some great 4 generations pictures with Austin, Dave, Karl (Dave's dad) and Karl sr (Dave's grandpa) on the tractor. We also have a 3 generation picture of Dave, his dad and grandpa on the same tractor when dave was a kid.
3 generation picture

4 Generation picture

I also got some really great pictures of Austin and Opa together.

So there you have it. All the pictures updated. I am going to finish updating all my 101 lists and then go do some scrapbooking.

updated 101 list

alright, here are my new 10 things for 101 list.
1. Go to Parkwood. *yes, I've never been.
2. *private* sorry, don't want all of internet land to see.
3. Hang pictures in Austin's room.
4. Hang shelves in Austin's room.
5. Get a video editing software and learn how to make videos of Austin
6. Go to Marineland. *yes, I've never been there either.
7. Save enough money for vegas trip.
8. Open an etsy store
9. Take a class on my own, no husband or kid.
10. Actually get my computer updated and pictures put onto dvd's.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick update

We've been at the cottage without internet for a few days. (well, 5 1/2) so it's been a while.

We are still alive. I have lots of pictures to post.

I got a haircut on monday. It looks pretty good, but 5 days at the cottage didn't do it justice. tomorrow it will look nice I hope.

Austin has figured out cheerios! Instead of 1 or 2 miraculously making it to his mouth only 1 or 2 are making it to the floor. He will sit for ever and eat cheerios. Last night though he took a soggy one and tried to stick it in his ear. Not good. He's been eating mum mum cookies/rice cakes. He can eat them great too. We also tried some new food this week at the cottage. He had toast (without butter) and loved it, I gave him potatoes to try and he wasn't a fan of them, and ritz crackers. I know the crackers have a huge amount of salt on them but he was starting to get cranky during dinner and we didn't have any other foods available to give him. I limited him to 3 crackers though.

We also had a pretty good sleep schedule this week. Only a few nights he woke up in the middle of the night. Over all a much better experience then the may long weekend.

I am enjoying the fact that we are back home though. Where making Austin a bottle takes no effort at all and washing his dishes is easy. (at the cottage we just have river water that is unsafe to drink so we have to go prepared for Austin.) A shower is there whenever (although the shower at the cottage is there but too many people so I try to limit my showers to as needed) nice comfy beds and best of all no crazy giant ants crawling around my room.

*update on my 101 list, I have read 5 more books. Twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, plus can you keep a secret by sophie Kinsella that I picked up at a yard sale this weekend.

Also for my 101 list, I have the 10 new goals I wanted to have done by July 1st. However, I have stored them all on my phone which is downstairs so I will have to post them tomorrow.*

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