Sunday, May 31, 2009

So cute!

Just as I'm getting everything ready to go to bed I hear Austin over the baby monitor. He has a whistle in his nose while he's sleeping! So cute and adorable to listen to!

Survived the walk!

It's official I've survived the 5k walk. I'm very proud I managed to do it (and without anything from my puffer!) My tailbone and hips are a little sore tonight but I've had some tailbone issues since I was pregnant. I think I am going to make Dave do the walk with me since he got out of it today because he was umpiring a baseball game today so making money won out over walking.

Tonight was a big tv night. It was the hills season finale and the MTV movie awards. I'll start with the hills.

First, how drunk was holly at Heidi's rehersal dinner?? Holy crap! She seemed so out of it. Plus, I'm sorry but you are at a fancy restaurant eating a fancy dinner. You don't throw food around. Yes it is rude. Maybe in crested butte it's all fun and dandy to throw potatoes at people because they look bored, but in most civilizations it's really not. I can't believe she started crying about how dare spencer tell her it was rude to do that and blah blah blah (and I also can't believe I am actually agreeing with spencer!!!)

Speaking of Spencer, how long do you think this good guy thing is going to go for him? Although for him it does take balls to call both lauren and Heidi's mom to apologize. Maybe he is a half decent guy after all?!? Hahahahaha hahahaha.. nevermind, forget I said that, I just remembered who I was talking about. Spencer pratt, the one I believe I've said I wanted to sucker punch because he's a... well... to be nice, a jerk face... (there are more colorful words I would love to use but I know who reads this

OH, and I can't freakin believe charlie brought Stacie to the wedding!!! WTF!!! This is the girl who almost broke up Spencer and Heidi and Spencer's friend brings her to their wedding! I'm really curious to find out what happened when Heidi saw her. I did think it was kind of funny though that she was wearing yellow like the bridesmaids..

And another thing, Kristin Cavalari definately needed a better bra with that dress she was wearing. Her ladies were not looking so hot tonight. Sigh, I can't believe I get no more lauren and have to deal with the speidi drama and Kristin Cavalari next season... We will see if I actually watch it.

So now, the MTV movie awards.... Best thing? Kristen Stewart dropping her award. Too freakin funny. She seemed really out of it, what was she on?? And were those high heeled converses she was wearing? hmmmm ok. I've decided I need to read the twilight series then watch the movie. The MTV movie awards should have been re-named the Twilight movie awards... I don't see how the main character is so hot! Although I guess I am getting a little to old to find the teen movie stars hot. I don't understand how they won so many awards though since 98% of people I've talked to said the movie sucked. I loved Jim Carrey's speech. Especially the part about prop 8. I laughed so loud I thought I was going to wake up dave and Austin.

I really liked Eminem's performance. I like his new song and find it catchy. Although I figure I would since I do own quite a few of his cd's. His music is catchy what can I say. Now, with the whole bruno thing?? I think they maybe targeted bruno to land with his ass and man package in his face but didn't they know he was going to get mad? Although it is kind of funny he actually left the awards show. I probably would have been mad if I was a guy and had some other guy strategically land in my lap wearing a g-string with his man package in my face... not cool.

Then we have the songs that I'm assuming are Andy Sambergs.... Jizzing in my pants, dick in a box?? umm ok... what seemed wrong though was that Leanne Rimes was singing the jizzing in my pants song... Totally does not suit her.. lol.

Anyways, that is my reviews of the two shows... no one else is up to chat about it with so I figured I would just post here. I'm off to bed, it's getting late!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Another weekend!

Another weekend is here. We really don't have any plans for tomorrow. Sunday we have church then the walk-a-thon. Dave is umpiring 3 games I think on sunday (one being my dad's team.. should be fun!! lol) I have gotten my 3 sponsors. it's not a lot, only $18 but I'm still waiting to hear back from a few people.

We did stroller fit this morning. That was a gigantic fail! It was getting warm out and kind of muggy. There were only 7 people there and unfortunately they were very fast walkers. I started out fine but very quickly I was finding it harder and harder to breathe. I made it barley 1/4 of the way and had to call Dave to come back and pick me up. While walking back to the centre I actually had to stop walking because I really couldn't breathe and was gasping for air. Not cool at all. By the time Dave got there with my puffer (which I had just taken before leaving the house 30 min before but didn't help at all) I had worked myself up into a panic and just sat in the car crying. Thankfully once I calmed down and took the puffer again I was feeling better and tonight I'm breathing just fine. Hopefully this doesn't happen sunday at the walk-a-thon but I'm going to make sure to not walk/run so fast.

I know it's still quite a while away but I'm getting very excited for Halloween! I can't wait to pick out a super cute outfit for Austin. By then maybe he will be walking around and looking adorable. Maybe we will even get pumpkins this year!!! lol.

Well I should be getting to bed.. I'm starting to get a headache and I'm sure Austin will be up in a few hours. Last night he was up screaming at 1am. He was a little backed up in the bowel department yesterday. I've been making his cereal a little thicker so he can get used to the consistency for other foods that he will be trying soon. We gave him his bottle plus about 1/4 of a bottle with water in it. Worked great and Dave got to change a diaper full this morning. I'm glad he's back to normal.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mommy Says give peas a chance

And Austin says "ewww no"

Today was his first day trying peas. I really didn't think we were going to get a reaction out of him because after we went from squash to carrots he didn't even make a face. I kind of thought maybe we wouldn't get any more food faces until we tried things like pickles. Nope, classic food faces here. And I love them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blah week.

So far this has been a blah week. Yes, I know it's only tuesday. Yesterday we didn't do much of anything. Austin and I actually spent most of the day in our bed. We watched some movies and some tv. Felt like crap and didn't want to get up. I did however have a nice cry.

About 10 minutes before Dave got home we were laying in bed and Austin had been sitting up propped up by a pillow behind him (since our bed is so soft and squishy he can't sit up on his own on it like he can on the floor) and he had slid down so he was laying again. He was trying to sit back up so I went to help him. When I reached my one arm around him to lift him, he turned his head and I hit his cheek with my nail. He started crying so I went to comfort him and that's when I realized that my nail had actually skimmed the skin and his cheek was bleeding. I had no idea what to do. I felt so bad. I finally got the blood under control and manage to calm Austin down when Dave walked in. He noticed the cheek, asked what happened and that's when I lost it. I started bawling about how I didn't mean to do it and he wouldn't stop crying because I had hurt him and I felt so horribly bad. I think it took Dave longer to calm me down then it took me to calm Austin down.. hahaha. I think I just needed to get it out. It's been a while since I've cried just because I needed to get it out. It was due.

Today we went swimming. Austin had fun. However his nap time is at 11 and we went swimming at 11. We got out of the pool at 12:20 because Austin was falling asleep in my arms. Of course by the time we got out and I got him changed he was wide awake again. I put him in the monkey wrap and we didn't even make it halfway across the parking lot before he was out like a light. I have noticed though that the last few days he's been very clingy and fussy. Tonight Dave and I had to take turns eating dinner because Austin wouldn't let us put him down. Even after putting him to bed for the night (which he did without fuss) he was awake every hour or so crying until we put the soother back in his mouth then he went back to sleep. I hope this could be teething and they come in soon so he can not be so miserable. Either way I have a feeling this is going to be a long night!

Tomorrow is going to be a cardmaking day. I have 60 thank you cards to make. I ran out of paper so I have everything but the turquoise paper cut and ready to go. Since I got more of the paper today I am going to spend tomorrow assembling everything.

Thursday is babyville, then friday is our stroller fit class and then I can't remember what we're doing afterwards. Sunday is the walkathon through our church for St Vincents kitchen so if anyone wants to sponsor me then let me know!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Austin's first Real food.

Well, as real as you can get for baby food. Saturday we gave him butternut squash. The first day he at least ate it. There were quite a few funny faces and he gagged twice. The second day he only gagged once and less funny faces. Now he just eats it. I wonder what kind of faces he will make next? We've decided the next food will be carrots.

Here are a few pictures we took.

We also tried cheerios for the first time. We're not too sure about that yet. He doesn't seem to gum them enough before swallowing and I think they're getting stuck to the roof of his mouth. (which could explain the faces he's making.)

Also, I have managed to take a picture of the yoga baby. He's too cute!!

Then here are some random pictures of Austin I've taken.

That's right ladies, he's bringing sexy back!!! lol

*this picture is supposed to be rotated but forgot to do it before I uploaded and my computer is taking forever to upload so you will just have to turn your heads to see it properly. lol *

Hope everyone has a great week!

*101 in 1,001 update * I finished another book. Size 12 is not fat by Meg cabot and my car stayed clean until sunday when we loaded it up coming back from the cottage. Now it's a mess. But I do think that sunday was the magical one month point so I officially completed keeping my car clean for a month!!! I've also completed 2 weeks of my stroller fit class so I've done 2 of the 4 weeks of walking once a week for at least an hour.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

6 Month old baby!

My not so little anymore boy is 6 months old today. I can't believe it!! He looks too big for his swing and his bumbo seat. Although he needs to fit in the bumbo a little longer, it's much easier to take it to the cottage this weekend instead of the highchair.

First, here are the 5 month old pictures of Austin.

Then, the 6 month old pictures.

Finally, this is the lovely suprise we came home to find on our back deck. We tried to scare it away with a broom. I have a feeling it will be back. lol.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I really need to get on here more often...

Tomorrow is Austin's 6 month birthday!! I will make sure to get some pictures and get them up here with his 5 month pictures. I am going to try and remember to take the pictures a little more than 30 min before bed...sigh. I did a huge load of laundry yesterday. It took me 45 min to fold it all. I got out all of Austin's 12 month clothes. Some of his PJ's are getting a little small (he's ripped the seams out of 3 sleepers in the past month!) and Dave's mom bought him a 12 month old outfit to keep at their house and it fit him perfectly. Austin also wet through his diaper and we had to wash the blankets sheets and matress pad so that did account for the load being slightly larger but 90% of it was his new clothes. The downside to him being in 12 month clothes is that a few pairs of shorts went into the too small box today. Some of them were 6 months and there are a few 9 months shorts I have to try on him and see if they fit before they get put away. It's just too cold still to put him in shorts. I am kind of excited to get him dressed tomorrow though because now we have a whole new wardrobe to pick from!! What shall we wear??

Austin has spent the weekend recovering from carpet burn on his forehead. It's kind of funny. He's been trying to crawl and his arms will give out on him and his head will hit the carpet. Then when he gets really frustrated that he's only going backwards he will put his head down and try to kick his feet. I'm sure it hurt a bit but once he stopped doing it and it started to scab over it didn't seem to bother him at all. I think he's also going to do yoga. He's been putting his head down and raising his bum up in a downward dog sort of pose. I will try to get pictures of it tomorrow if I can. So adorable.

I have been keeping up with my reading. I decided I wanted to read Jane Austin since I've never read anything of hers. The library only had Mansfield park and Emma. I chose to start with Mansfield park. I'm a little confused and having a hard time staying with the story. I will keep trying though! I also just picked up 3 more books at the library so I will be adding them to the list.

We had the craft and yard sale at the church this past weekend. It was a disaster. We got all set up and the day seemed like it was going to be good. Then the rain came. It got so bad that everything was soaking wet and we were packed up and home by 10:30am. I was selling pacifier straps and home-made cards. I sold one card and one strap. Totally not fun. I have been working for a few months making cards and straps... I will just have to do another craft sale!!

I'm excited to announce that I have kept my car free of garbage for 23 days now!!! I don't think my car has ever been clean that long. Although I will have to wash my windshield. Tonight I hit the straw of my slushee and it flung slushee on the windshield. It's not so bad that you can notice it but I should still clean it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy may!

Wow, It's May already. I have been falling behind with my internet stuff. First there was easter, then I had a card workshop, then I went to a all day card making event and then next thing you know it's May.

This past weekend I had my cousin's baby shower. I would say it went over fairly well. I think I may have planned too many games. I found so many games that I want to play at another shower, possibly with a younger crowd. I know that my great Aunt's wouldn't really appreciate some of the games I wanted to play. (although I was getting the feeling that some of my great Aunt's weren't appreciating the games we did play) But over all I'm sure that the mom-to-be liked it and most people had a good time, even if the taco dip never did make it to my place.

This weekend coming up is the church craft and yard sale. I have been so busy every night after Austin has gone to bed making cards for the sale. I want to try and have aprox 60 cards to sell so I have to go through and figure out what I have. Unfortunately I don't have any mother's day cards which I think would have sold well. I may just have to make some.. and yes, I know I'm running out of time!! I'm just in the middle of packaging up the cards I have made so far. I bought zippered sandwich bags from the dollar store and I'm going to put a card and envelope in the bag and tape it up so it's tight to the card. That way there if it rains, something gets spilled or lots of people pick up the cards to look at them they still stay in half decent shape.

I've decided to quickly update tonight and I think tomorrow will be a strictly work day when Austin is sleeping. No watching TV (even though the new episode of 90210 is waiting for me) no surfing the computer and no chatting. Work work work. Thankfully Dave is off Friday so he can help watch Austin while I work if needed (I'm hoping to have it all done by then) Friday is going to be busy. We just had my car in for it's annual service a few weeks ago and they checked the brakes. Ever since then whenever I brake they are squeeling. Every.single.freakin.time. It's starting to drive me nuts. When I called to make an appointment to have them checked again I was told it's just coincidence since they didn't do anything. Really? then when something happens and you don't cover it under my warranty because it wasn't checked then I'm going to flip because part of the annual maintenance is to check the brakes. I really want to go down with Dave to fight them on it but we have our stroller fit class from 10-11:30 and the appointment is at 10.

101 in 1,001 update: I have read 3 more books, The manny, Every boy has one and umm.. I can't remember right now. Also, my car was cleaned out (ok, not by me but...) It's been almost 2 weeks and it's still clean! I can't believe it. It's definately a record! Also I will be working on the walking for at least an hour a week goal because of stroller fit on fridays now. I've been trying to take my cloth bags with me shopping for a month but once I get them in the house I forget to take them the next time and I haven't put any bags into my car. We have enough bags now (I've managed to gain 5 re-usable bags in the past 3 weeks for free!) so I am going to keep at least 2 in my car... maybe more. I just need to get into the habit of returning them to the car and taking them in the store. Maybe I will keep them in the cargo netting on the back of my seats. That should help me to remember them a little more often.

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