Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stupid lasagna.

New rule. No eating food that has been in the fridge for more than 2 days. That was not a nice stomach ache I had.

This week I have done almost nothing. Monday I did nothing all day, didn't shower, didn't even brush my hair. Tuesday I did some cleaning. I cleaned and vaccuumed my living room, clean a bunch of stuff upstairs and then cleaned my living room a second time when Austin dumped my glass on juice into the bag with his scrapbook and some baby shower presents for my brother and helen. I was so worried about everything getting ruined I dumped the bag upside down on the floor, now spreading the juice all over the carpet instead of contained in the bag. *there was also A LOT of cursing going on.* Took me about 30 minutes to clean everything up. I think I now need to remove all my furniture from my living room and steam clean my carpet because last week Austin also spilled another glass of juice and a can of sprite in the living room..... Yes, I've gone through a shit load of paper towels this past week. sigh.

Then Dave's mom came over to watch Austin so I could go out and exchange the diapers we currently had in size 3 for size 4 since I know opening another case of size 3's would be pointless. Well, that was quite the fun trip, and I had the customer service ladies at walmart giving me attitude... but I won't bore you with the story. Dave's mom was awesome and not only bathed, fed, and put my son to bed, she also cleaned my front hallway. I had been looking at it all day trying to figure out where to start with the scary mess that was there, and deciding just to come back to it later...

Today we got up and I decided to head out before Austin's nap since I had some things to mail but forgot to do it last night when I had the chance. I went to my mom's work and ended up visiting with her for about 2 hours and ended up spilling an ice cap. (seriously, no drinks are safe between the two of us!) I am blaming austin though because he wouldn't stand up and help me out making it easier to pick him up so when I bent over to get him out came the ice cap... yup... totally his fault. lol. We got home and I could tell Austin was getting tired so I gave him a bottle instead of food and he was down for a nap for 3.5 hours. I tried to read but couldn't get into it so I just watched some movies till I was starting to get sleepy and had about a 45 min nap when Austin woke me up. I made him some carrots and beans for dinner and while they were cooking and cooling I gave him some cereal *wheats and biscuits or something like that, reminded me of pancake mix before you put it in the* his 'meat' *finally got him to eat the vegetable beef baby food without crying and spitting it out!! woo hoo victory!* and some apple grape sauce. *Which, instead of buying the baby food version for $0.75 I just bought the walmart brand unsweetened kind for $1.97 and it had 6 containers instead of 1* Then he got his carrots and beans which he didn't finish eating but I didn't think he would.

We had a tough time at bed because even though he was tired, I couldn't find his soother (which was behind the humidifier under a bunch of stuff he pulled off the side tables) and someone *cough*Dave*cough* didn't do as I asked and re-charge the batteries from the mobile when they died (and I remember the conversation clearly "While I put Austin to bed can you please take the batteries out of the mobile and re-charge them so they are ready for tomorrow?" Response "I'll do it tomorrow...." Well, tomorrow never came...) so tonight the batteries in his aquarium died. So we have a dead mobile and a dead aquarium and a cranky baby because he doesn't have his soother or music to fall asleep to. Finally get him down, take the mobile downstairs to take the rechargable batteries out of, and can't find the screwdriver. We keep the screwdriver in the front hall closet on the right side of the shelf so that we always know where it is. I remember going to get the screwdriver for dave a while ago and he didn't return it (But really, am I suprised???) Tomorrow I am going to have to go out to the garage and find another one and put it in the closet so I know where it is. (and maybe go buy some more re-chargable batteries so I have a set charged when the other set dies?) Just goes to show that even though Dave is in Alberta so far away he can still annoy the crap out of me... But... I still love him. And miss him.

I want to get some pictures up here of my super awesome shopping deals at Children's place on Sunday but I had temporarily lost my camera. That kind of thing happens when you don't clean your house since your husband left and you have crap everywhere... I found it though yesterday... right where I left it.. of course. lol Maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures to share!

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