Tuesday, July 7, 2009

updated 101 list

alright, here are my new 10 things for 101 list.
1. Go to Parkwood. *yes, I've never been.
2. *private* sorry, don't want all of internet land to see.
3. Hang pictures in Austin's room.
4. Hang shelves in Austin's room.
5. Get a video editing software and learn how to make videos of Austin
6. Go to Marineland. *yes, I've never been there either.
7. Save enough money for vegas trip.
8. Open an etsy store
9. Take a class on my own, no husband or kid.
10. Actually get my computer updated and pictures put onto dvd's.


  1. I think I wanna make a list now!

  2. You should!!! It's great trying to accomplish things!


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