Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today was a good day. I got up and went and picked up our friend Jen. We then went to Walmart to buy tank some more food. (I think I have enough to last a while maybe...) then drove down to the lake. We watched 2 guys *try* to throw a football around. I could throw one better then them. They need some football lessons. Either way it was entertaining. Then we got out of the car and took Austin to the swings. He had such a blast. He was laughing and giggling every time he swung close to us. After that we tried the slide. That's one thing he hasn't gotten the concept of yet. I put him on his bum, held his hands, tried to slide him down... and he put his feet flat on the slide then stood up. We will have to practice the slide thing I
Austin has a cold. He's having a hard time breathing. Last night he kept waking up. Tonight I figured I would be smart and when he went down for the night I gave him some of the infant tylenol for colds. Well, he's up now. Seemingly wide awake. So..... I'm left him in his crib after calming him down. I can hear him playing and hopefully he goes to sleep. I hope this cold doesn't get too bad. It will suck not having Dave here to help out if it's a really bad cold.
Well, here are some pictures. First off, we have Austin's 8 month old pictures.
Next, we have the alberta pictures:
Dave leaving the airport.
Inside the West Edmonton Mall
Beautiful Sunset off Graham's deck.
Our awesome Polynesian room at the fantasyland hotel.
The really cute penguin I got to see upclose and personal
The sunset on the way home from Alberta.
Next we have pictures of Austin playing with Bailey and the water bowl.
And finally some pictures from the park today, he was loving the swing!
I'm sure there were a few updates on my 101 in 1,001 list but at this point I can't remember so maybe another night.
Austin is still up crying so I guess I better get him back to sleep.

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