Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rough week.

So this week has been a rough week. On monday I though I was going to have a broken nose. Austin headbutted me in the nose 3 times. (one of those was while we were napping so it woke me up out of a sleep.) Plus he headbutted me in the mouth which caused my lip to swell, also during the nap. He was being difficult when lunchtime came around and now my white shirt has asparagus all over it.... hmmm Then we got some super crappy news. It sucks and we're trying to find a solution.

Today, not so much of a solution. But I did get to sleep in a bit (but almost got headbutted again when Dave brought Austin into our room) and I got to escape the house baby free for just over an hour. I went with vicky to get her passport photos and her passport. However, we got to the passport office at 4:38 and they closed at 4:30. boo!!! We did go to the superstore though and looked at all the pretty baby clothes. They are having a sale on so many cute boy clothes and shoes and I had to resist soooo badly not to buy anything, and I did it. I'm very proud. I did end up buying austin some cereal, we're going to try the rice and banana kind this week. Then I think we've tried all the cereals in the beginner and 6 months stage. I can't believe in less than a week he will be 8 months old!! Holy crap!

Here are some pictures.

We have Austin and Daddy at the cottage with daddy's fish.

This picture was just after Austin smacked dave in the face.. kinda funny.

This is Austin and his Duckie. This duck was given to him by his Aunt Katherine. This was before he was born and it was with a blanket. I wasn't sure if he would get much use out of the duck but he loves it. If you shake it in front of him he will get soooo excited and grab for it. He has chewed the legs so much that one leg has no stuffing left in it because he's sucked it into the foot. If you feel the body of the duck you can tell what it's supposed to feel like. The legs are so hardened from all the spit. He loves to stick a leg in his mouth then do something else with his hands. We just had to get a picture of it because it's so cute!

Here is a 16 shot from my camera of Austin at the bbq out in West lorne (Dave's grandparent's/Aunt & Uncles place) on June 27th. He is trying to eat a leaf. Really cute!

Also that weekend we got some great 4 generations pictures with Austin, Dave, Karl (Dave's dad) and Karl sr (Dave's grandpa) on the tractor. We also have a 3 generation picture of Dave, his dad and grandpa on the same tractor when dave was a kid.
3 generation picture

4 Generation picture

I also got some really great pictures of Austin and Opa together.

So there you have it. All the pictures updated. I am going to finish updating all my 101 lists and then go do some scrapbooking.

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