Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bit of a rough day

We are coming to the end of the first official week without dave. *I don't count last week because he left, then I packed for me to leave and Austin was gone for 4 days.* Today was a rough day. We had a birthday party to go to in Markham. It started at 1. Austin was napping so I got everything ready then figured I would wake him and dress him. I was still in my pj's but had my clothes laid out and just had to flat iron my bangs. It was 11:50. got me ready, got Austin ready then my phone rang. I checked the clock, it was 12:51. How the hell did an hour go by!?!?!?!?! So I'm already late, hadn't had lunch.

Get on the 401, was going to take it to brock then head to the 407. As I'm approaching pickering I'm telling myself to start getting over to get off on Brock..... then noticed as I passed the off ramp that I missed it. I was in the right lane, just didn't realize I guess? So, I had to back track. Get back to brock follow it down to the 407. Go to get on, the 407 is closed from brock to the exit I needed. ugh! The idiot in front of me first pulled into the turning lane for the 407 (apparently didn't see the big huge sign just before the hwy saying it was closed) then when he couldn't get on the 407 decided to pull into the straight lane. Well, I was already there so I had to hit my breaks and my horn so he didn't hit me. So he's right on my back end as we went down hwy 7 and turns down the next road that will take him to the 407. Thanks for leaving me alone.

Unfortunately that didn't last long because a new jerk showed up on my ass end. He was so ridiculously close. We pulled up to a red light and I tried to dig something out of my centre console. The light wasn't red long and it changed but I was still looking so he honked. It wasn't the polite little pay attention beep. It was a long non stop honk. I wanted to get out and punch him. Jerk. When he finally passed me I gave him the finger. He sped past me doing at least 110 in an 80. Where's the cops when you need them??

After that I started crying and saying I just wanted to go home and forget the day. I didn't though, I finished and got to the birthday party. It was a great party and Austin had fun with all the other babies. Left there and went to my dad's for a bit. Had dinner and a hot tub then brought Austin home because he was really tired. Unfortunately he didn't go down and fussed and cried for a good 20 min before settling. He's asleep now and in about 5 minutes I'm heading to my bed. Couldn't sleep last night. Hope everyone had a great day!

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  1. I'm sorry it was such a rough day, but I hope the party improved your mood a bit. I really appreciate you coming, it was great to see you and have you join in the festivities. The clothes you gave Annora are gorgeous and absolutely perfect timing! It was really generous.

    I hope today goes much better for you. At least you got to end the day with a hot tub. :)


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