Friday, July 10, 2009


Tonight was Date night. We used the gift certificate Dave's parents got us for Valentine's day. It also included babysitting. We had them over for dinner then they took Austin back to their place and we got ready for the show. We went to see Transformers 2. I liked it. It's definately not as children friendly as the last movie. Lots of swearing and adult words (although words like ass and bitch are so common now I guess they don't count... well, they count to me.) I also found it very funny. Well worth our gift certificate. It was a great night.

What I don't understand though, is that they are in the egyptian desert, Mikaila is in white pants, and they are clean. How the heck does that happen! I could be in white pants, in a white room with nothing around me and i'll find a way to get them dirty. Although by the time the serious fighting was going on her pants were dirty. I felt much better. lol.

I also didn't understand A) why there were so many kids at the movie (although as stated earlier much less child friendly then the last one so some parents might not have realized) but B) Why so many parents had their child at the 9:45pm showing!!! The movie didn't finish till 12:30. Why the hell do you have your children out!!!! Take them to an earlier showing! Geeze! (and by kids I'm talking 10 and under who should definately be in bed by 12:30)

Well It's now 1:30, I'm heading to bed.

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