Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick update

We've been at the cottage without internet for a few days. (well, 5 1/2) so it's been a while.

We are still alive. I have lots of pictures to post.

I got a haircut on monday. It looks pretty good, but 5 days at the cottage didn't do it justice. tomorrow it will look nice I hope.

Austin has figured out cheerios! Instead of 1 or 2 miraculously making it to his mouth only 1 or 2 are making it to the floor. He will sit for ever and eat cheerios. Last night though he took a soggy one and tried to stick it in his ear. Not good. He's been eating mum mum cookies/rice cakes. He can eat them great too. We also tried some new food this week at the cottage. He had toast (without butter) and loved it, I gave him potatoes to try and he wasn't a fan of them, and ritz crackers. I know the crackers have a huge amount of salt on them but he was starting to get cranky during dinner and we didn't have any other foods available to give him. I limited him to 3 crackers though.

We also had a pretty good sleep schedule this week. Only a few nights he woke up in the middle of the night. Over all a much better experience then the may long weekend.

I am enjoying the fact that we are back home though. Where making Austin a bottle takes no effort at all and washing his dishes is easy. (at the cottage we just have river water that is unsafe to drink so we have to go prepared for Austin.) A shower is there whenever (although the shower at the cottage is there but too many people so I try to limit my showers to as needed) nice comfy beds and best of all no crazy giant ants crawling around my room.

*update on my 101 list, I have read 5 more books. Twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, plus can you keep a secret by sophie Kinsella that I picked up at a yard sale this weekend.

Also for my 101 list, I have the 10 new goals I wanted to have done by July 1st. However, I have stored them all on my phone which is downstairs so I will have to post them tomorrow.*

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