Thursday, July 9, 2009

Productive nap times

Having Dave home with me has caused the week to fly by. We really haven't done too much. I gave Austin a bath yesterday with his new bath toys we bought back in May but forgot were in the cupboard. He loved the octopus, or maybe loved to chew on it. And he had a blast splashing around. He's no longer in his little bathtub, he's got the whole bathtub to himself now. I was going to get pictures of it but I wasn't going to leave him in the bath alone while I went to get the camera.

Today we didn't do much. Austin had a nice long 2 hour nap this morning so I managed to completely finish his hospital scrapbook and during his afternoon nap I put all the pages in order. I can't believe I filled one book just with the pictures of his first 4 days of life. lol. I got a great album for his first year/rest of life? album which is 12x12. That means I don't have to keep cutting all the pages down to 8 1/2 x 11 for his other album. I have so many ideas for his book and every picture I take I am imagining it in a scrapbook. I think before I get into his second book thought I will finish our wedding scrapbook, or at least work a little more on it.

Well, I should be getting to bed now, Goodnight!

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