Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy long weekend!

Happy Long weekend everyone!
Yesterday we went to the Bowmanville zoo with Dave's parents. We had a great time and so did Austin. Except for one point, a goat tried to eat him. The goat stuck his head through the fence and tried to nibble on Austin but couldn't grab anything so he finally got a bite into his pocket on his pants and tried to pull Austin back to the fence. He was not happy with that and started crying. Then one of the baby goats got out of the fence and was wandering around so since it was the same size as buster the cat we tried to put him beside it for a picture. He cried. He may end up with a huge fear of goats for the rest of his life
We bought some of the corn out of the machines and I got a few pictures of me holding out Austin's hand and getting the animals to eat off his hand. He mainly wanted to eat the corn himself. He would just sit for the longest time and stare at the animals. There weren't many tears so I'm assuming he had fun. As usual, here are some pictures.
First Animal of the day

I think this is a great picture

Feeding the animals

The ram stuck his head through the fence to see Austin

Austin and Mommy
Austin Grandma and the baby goat
Austin not happy with the baby goat!

Telling the llama he needs some dental work.

Hitching a ride on Grandpa

Enjoying every minute of it.

An animal trying to get the corn out of Austin's clenched hands.
succeeding in getting it out.

Happy smiles!
After the zoo we went back to Dave's parents and played in the backyard. Austin had a blast playing ball and we got some great pics of him trying to stand.

I *LOVE* these 2 pictures. So adorable.

*101 in 1,001 update: I have finished pretty in plaid by Jennifer Lancaster. Very funny, thanks to vicki who reccomended the books and let me borrow them. I am working on another one of her books as we speak. I've also been somewhere other than ontario or Quebec (my alberta trip a few weeks ago) and I think that's it. I will update more as I do them!*

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  1. Austin is sooo cute! Hang in there you! Being without D stinks, but you are doing amazing!


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