Monday, July 20, 2009


What a week. Dave found out monday he was going to Alberta, was gone tuesday. Wednesday was a rough day. I'll admit, I was fine till Austin was down for his nap then I had too much time to think and started to loose it and cry. Then in the afternoon I finished all the packing. Dropped Austin off at my mom's place wednesday night then headed to Sue's. I went into work with Sue on Thursday and flew out to Alberta. Had a great 2 days. The first night we stayed at Sue's brother's place. After I got off the plane we headed to the west edmonton mall. We walked around and did a small bit of shopping. I got a new bathing suit. My other suits are quite a few years old, the material was starting to get a little thin, plus I wore them while I was huge and pregnant. My boobs don't stay in anymore. This new suit is so great. I love it, and I got it 50% off. How's that for a bonus!

Friday we headed back to the mall. We were staying friday night at the fantasyland hotel in the mall. We got a great deal on the room and we stayed in the polynesian room. It was awesome, I fell in love with the jaccuzi tub. We spent all day Friday at the mall. In the morning we went to the sea life caverns (aquarium) and saw a live penguin up close. Then we went to the Sea lion show. Headed back to the hotel, got our bathing suits. Had a quick lunch then headed to the waterpark. I LOVE the wave pool they have there. It's big waves but awesome fun! After the water park we went back to our room and I laid in the jaccuzi tub for a while... It was huge. I could lay in the tub and my feet or head wouldn't touch the side of the tub. If we win the lottery we are so getting one. After that we went for dinner at Tony Roma's. I'm not really a big fan. After dinner dave wanted to do something but I was so tired. We headed back to the room where I proceded to fall asleep in my book (yes, I woke up with my face in my book) by 7:30 pm. Kinda pathetic.

Saturday we had breakfast then headed back to the hotel to check out. We threw everything in the car then went for a round of mini golf. After that we drove out to Fort Saskatchewan where dave was going to be living to drop off his stuff. We hit up boston Pizza for lunch (and had a yummy bbq chicken pizza) then dave took me to the airport. I was a little early so I wandered around a bit. Our plane landed in Toronto at 11:30pm. Got home around 1am.

Sunday I slept in, then went over to Dave's parents to pick up Austin. Hung out over there all afternoon, had dinner then headed home. Austin crashed by 7:30 but was back up crying at 10 for an hour.

Today I had to get out of the house. I'm not planning trips and trying pack anything so it's starting to hit me. Even though Dave wasn't usually home during the day I still knew that he was gone and wouldn't be home come 5pm to help me out. I think this being the first official week will probably be the longest for me. I also don't think it will help that Austin might be getting a cold. This is not going to be fun.

Austin however had a blast today playing with bailey. Apparently we shouldn't buy Austin toys. Just give him the dog's toys and he will play for hours. I got some cute pics I will post (hopefully in a few minutes.)

I don't really have a plan for the rest of the week. If anyone is bored and wants to come by or talk, give me a call.

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