Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I know it's been a while since I've written again... Didn't really have too much to post about. Austin is moving at an amazing pace. Less than 3 weeks ago was when he started to crawl. Now he's standing in his crib and pulling himself up on everything. The other night he pulled himself up onto the laundry basket, grabbed a dish cloth out of the basket then let go. He actually stood and balanced himself for about 3 minutes before he grabbed the basket again to balance himself. He's getting too big too quickly!!!

He has been refusing his food the last 2 days. Not too sure why. He would eat his cereal but wouldn't eat anything else, even the foods he has eaten and liked before. Plus he keeps waking up throught the night and crying but then falling back asleep. He is doing this now as I type. within a minute he will be back asleep.

I am thinking of opening and etsy store. I have my home made cards, I have my pacifier straps and I can make other things with a sewing maching and some paper so I'm thinking it might be a good idea. Etsy is an online store. Users open their own stores, and it's for hand made items. A lot of craft things and a lot of original things. You can get lego men cufflinks. it's kinda awesome. I might just try it for a few months and if nothing comes of it I won't loose out too much. maybe I will add that to my 101 list...

Speaking of 101 List, I cleaned and painted the basment bathroom. I looks a million times better. I even got 8x10 prints done in sepia tone of the river at the cottage which nicely match the beige/brown color on the walls. I also bought a new shower curtain for our upstairs bathroom (our old one was ripping and has been in there since we bought the house) and it really brightens up our bathroom. I was a little unsure if it would match the color of the bathroom but it actually matches perfectly! Speaking of the new shower curtain though, while opening the package today and getting the curtain out I happened to read the warning on the package. No it wasn't something smart like: Vinyl shower curtain, do not allow children to wrap around their head. Nope, it was Vinyl shower curtain, Do No Iron. WTF??? I would like to meet the idiot who thought they would iron a vinyl shower curtain. I know those warnings are on ther because someone thought of doing it, I would like to meet that person.

I really want to go to the movies. Transformers 2 is coming out tomorrow, actually I guess it's out now, apparently some theatres were having midnight viewings of the movie. Then friday My sister's keeper is coming out. I'm sooooo excited and want to see both of them. I think Dave's mom, sister and I are planning on going to My sister's keeper. (or at least it was brought up, not sure if we are going to or not)

Well, I'm going to sign off for the night!!

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