Friday, February 18, 2011

The weekend!

Here are our plans for the weekend. Tonight mom gets in at 6:53 now (flight was delayed from 6:07) and we are headed for dinner. We're going to hit up Bourbon street at the West Edmonton mall. I figure I will let mom choose where we have dinner. Then a very exciting tripto walmart to get diapers since they are on sale today. (and I only have about 4 left)

Today I went to the mall and picked us up passes. On the weekends it's $36 per person for the water park, $36 per person for a pass to the amusement park, more for the sea lion show, etc etc. The mall happens to have their family pack of 3 month passes on sale. It works out to $56 per person if you buy a 3 month pass. So, I went today and got a pass. Since Austin is under 3 he is free for almost everything. I got myself and Dave a pass, a pass for my mom, and our friend Lindsay said she would buy the 4th pass. Now, me and Austin can go to the mall and do any attraction for free!! (since this weekend will more then pay for the pass) we could go every day if we want. In one day we can get a pass to the water park, the amusement park (except the play are, just the rides) a round of mini golf at professor wem's golf, a round of mini golf at the other mini golf place, 2 games of bowling and shoe rental, billiards (over 18), the sea lion show, passes to sea live cavern (the aquarium) and a ride on the bumper boats if you're over 3. That's a whole freaking lot to do every day!! I think I know where Austin and I will be living for the next 3 months. Even if we do only one thing a day that's still enough to entertain us for the next 3 months.

Wow, kind of got off topic there! Haha! So Saturday we are headed to the mall. We're goingto do whatever we want since we have the passes.

Sunday we are going to do the drive to Jasper. It's supposed to be 0 degrees, which for feb is pretty nice, so we're going to go and enjoy ourselves and check out some mountains.

Monday morning we are going to head back to the mall and do more if we want until it's time to take mom back to the airport :(

I'm sure at the end of this weekend I will have lots of pictures! Hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoy family day if you have it!

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