Thursday, February 17, 2011

An oldie

I was checking my drafts to see if I had any blogs I forgot to publish. Well I found this one from Nov 29th 2009. Just a few weeks after Austin's first Birthday. Obviously I never finished it, but it's still cute to look back and see what I had written. It's too bad I didn't finish it, then I could have more documented from that age. lol

Let me tell you all about Austin.

He has a random temper. He will freak out and start throwing things around for no reason. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes, not so much.

He still loves opening and shutting doors. However instead of opening and getting into things he will crouch down, stare at it (more than likely trying to weigh the options of - if I touch this will I get caught or better, will I get yelled at and told to get out of the cupboard.) then either get up and close the door. The odd time will include getting into everything in the damn cupboard. When I close him into the upstairs so I can go to the bathroom, the whole time I am pulling him out of the cupboard, taking the feminine products away from him and trying to force the bathroom cupboards shut. I'm going to be installing childproof door opening thingies soon. lol.

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