Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My kids future

Some days I wonder what my kids future holds. Yesterday however, I'm pretty sure his future profession will be car-jacker. Lol to get us out of the house but also out of the bitter cold we ventured out to Cafe O' Play.

They have trains and climbing equipment and a whole bunch of cozy coupe cars. We walk in the door, Austin runs for the trains, then spots a car he wants.

Of course there is another kid in the car playing so Austin goes up, opens the door and tries to climb in on the other kids lap. That kid was having none of that though and gave Austin the look. Lol

A while later he notices the buzz lightyear spaceship and tries to tell the kid to get out because he wants it. Doesn't work, so he tried to climb in with the kid again.

When he spied the motorcycle and the boy on it tried to ride away Austin grabbed the back and started pulling him backwards.

Yup, my kid is going to be a car-jacker.


  1. You could be right or possibly law enforcement, they really like to boss folks around good too...Lol, and they aren't scared of too much, sounds like he isn't either.

  2. Oh he isn't afraid. lol. Law enforcement could be good.


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