Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alberta drivers part 2

Not sure if anyone remembers my last post about alberta drivers, but here is post number 2. Again, I will apologize to those Albertans who don't drive like douchebags, but this is what I notice on a whole.

First, the parking is Starting to not get on my nerves.... AS MUCH. Lol. Some people still amaze me. I am a crazy anal straight Parker. It will annoy me the whole time I am out of the car if I'm parked crooked. It boggles my mind that people can park so crooked and be fine with it.

Then there is the speed thing. Out of 100% I would say 25% of the drivers are speedy demons who zoom in and out of traffic. ( apparently they aren't afraid of photo radar tickets) 25% of people go the speed limit or a smidgen over. Then there's the other 50%. They dont even come close to doing the speed limit. The speed limit on hwy 16 is 110. I do 100 or 105 and I am passing people like I am speeding! I just don't get it! In Ontario if you aren't doing at least 105 onthe 401 people are riding your bumper and flipping you the bird. Crazy.

Then, there is the writing. This is actually a funny because cars here get really dirty. Salt isn't used on the roads to prevent slipping. Dirt and rocks are. So cars it seems are always dirty. Today while driving to our dr appt I saw a car with f$&* u written in the dirt. The driver obviously tried to make it seem like it wasn't written there, but you could still tell. Not going to lie, it made me giggle. The other night driving home I saw written onthe back of a dirty pick up truck "I wish my wife were this dirty" I really wish I got a picture of that, it definitely made my night. Haha. Oh haha. I keep giggling to myself here. I wonder if the guys wife ever saw that. Lol

Now, learning to drive it was drilled into my head, if you are onthe highway and coming up to an on-ramp with a car trying to get on, move into the next lane so they can get on. To those who started driving in Alberta, were you not told this??? I can't even begin to tell you how many times jerk drivers have stayed in the lane despite no one being beside them. And the on-ramps here seem to be much shorter in dome areas. I hate those drivers. Ugh. Hate.

I'm sure I will have way more vents about drivers in the future, but for now I'm good. Haha.

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