Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling a little springy.

As I write this we are back down into the super cold temps, but thanks to a chinook (more on that in another post) It was beautiful here last week. I was definitely hit with the spring bug.
I think what may have also helped was this
Seeing these beauties in the grocery store and actually having them taste like strawberries, not flavorless like some off season fruit, totally made my day.
I also got creative and made a bunch of spring and easter cards for my store, you should head on over and check it out. I just love how the yellows and greens brighten up my day!!! Hopefully spring comes sooner than later and I can get outside and enjoy our back yard!! With all the warm weather and rain the snow has gone down a bit, but I'm sure if I sent Austin out in it it would still be higher then his waist. lol. We have a lot of snow here.
What brightens up your day and puts a spring in your step?

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