Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying not to have a lazy sunday.

It's less than a week now until halloween! I can't wait. We have to carve austin's pumpkin out this week, I might wait until friday to do it, then I can put it outside on saturday and hopefully no one smashes it.

I have lots of preparations for Austin's birthday to do still. I started a to do list but haven't really gotten much accomplished so I am going to divide it up by weeks and write down what I want to get done that week. makes it easier for me to be accountable. Austin is with my mom and step dad today because I had my card class. While he's still visiting with alllll the grandparents (my dad and step mom are also at my brother's) and my brother Helen and the twins I decided to stay home and get some work done. I've got laundry to do (both mine and austin's) plus I want to do some cleaning and some homework. That means I really should get off this computer and get some work done. I just thought I would get a post done first.

Austin is doing amazing. His second tooth has come through. He's walking much quicker now. He almost ran towards the laptop when I was showing dave his walking on the webcam. He is actually saying mama now and coming to me so he's figured out how to connect the word to me. He still chews on everything and rubs his gums on everything.... including his crib. Because he has one tooth he's scraped the paint off the crib from rubbing his gums.

I'm still gearing up for his first birthday, it's going to be one crazy celebration!!! I will definately have some pictures of the crazyness. Dave is going to be home too, which is a fantastic thing. West Jet had a seat sale on so we got his flight for really cheap. I can't wait for Dave to see our house transformed into an elmo wonderland!! lol.

Well, I better get off my rear and get some work done around here!!

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