Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday party plans!

I've been super busy with Austin's first birthday party plans. Only one month to go! We are doing an elmo theme. A great friend is designing some elmo invitations for me which will be in the mail as soon as they are done. I went to the party store today. I've been checking out ebay for some elmo things. There was a set of first birthday elmo things on there. The price was pretty good. Then I went to the party store. The ebay price was fantastic. When I looked at the ebay listing I realized that for the same price I could sacrifice the first birthday elmo party trimmings and just go with elmo and get more. So I did. And with the help of my dad we won the ebay bid for a 32 set of elmo party supplies! There are 32 big plates, 32 little plates, 32 cups, 32 big napkins 32 (or 16, can't remember) litle napkins, a table cloth, centrepiece, some invitations (which I don't need but pretty much free once you figure out the cost to buy everything seperate) and an elmo book. Even with shipping I am still paying less then buying both sets of plates in the stores. Here is a picture of the 'goods'

I also picked up today from the party store some elmo coloring books to go in the favor bags instead of useless toys the older kids at the party won't use, for the younger kids (my new niece and nephew for one) an elmo story book with a squeeker in it. And, since I wasn't sure if I would be getting the set off ebay I bought some plastic re-usable elmo plates for only $0.33 each! I figured the kids could eat off them and take them home as a favor as well. I have found some really cute elmo mylar balloons online too that they don't sell around here I may order, including the 5 foot tall floating elmo. I'm getting very excited now! Less than a month to go!

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