Friday, October 30, 2009

New milestones.

This kid is too smart for me. He's now figured out he can move his highchair... (I'm predicting this does not turn out well at all.) and he's started to figure out loop holes. He knows I say no and he gets in trouble when he touches the lamps... so what does he do? Goes and gets a toy and touches the lamp with the toy. Oh this kid, he's going to be a handful for me when he gets older!!!
He likes to bang on things with his hands. He's also figured out his temper. His very first temper tantrum was a few weeks ago when I was getting him out of the bath. He didn't want to get out, he wasn't done playing. He screamed and kicked while I got him out, got his towel on and took him to his room. It wasn't until his pj's were on that he finally calmed down. The other day he turned on the tv and there wasn't anything on it so he started yelling and banging the tv. (usually I forget to shut off the dvd player so something usually comes up)
He is walking much quicker and can now even stand himself up without needing to hold on to anything. Most times instead of taking 2 steps then crawling because it's easier he will stand himself up and walk somewhere instead. He still loves to open and slam doors, and when you tell him no he will look at you and do it anyways with a smile.

He's actually growing some hair now. I spiked his hair after his bath last night and it was still sticking up this morning, usually it falls flat because there isn't enough hair to stay standing up. It looks so cute that I'm going to leave it standing up for the day. I will get a picture later!
Here are some pictures from this week.

He was standing at the tv and got his food stuck in his toy. He didn't seem all that worried about getting it out.

And here are some pictures from our snacktime the other day. It was his first time drinking homo milk and we were having a cheese string.

Milk Moustache!!!!

And obviously I will have tons of cute halloween pictures after tomorrow!!!

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