Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's thursday!

I figured I would post a quick update while my baby is napping...

I have been keeping pretty busy with the birthday party plans. Our house will look like a giant elmo nightmare.. lol. I've got some great decorating plans! The invites are almost ready and now i just have to sit and figure out what kind of food I want to be serving. I have found some elmo cookies to serve.

I've been really tired. I haven't really been tired able to fall asleep at night until 1 or 2, so our afternoons are filled with nap times. lol.

We were at a halloween part and austin showed up as the ever aadorable skunk. Got some great pics, can't wait for Halloween night to show him off.

His second tooth finally broke through this week, he looks so cute with his 2 teeth in there!!

Well, the mister is awake now and fussing, plus dinner needs to be checked.

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