Monday, October 5, 2009


It has finally happened, Little Mister Austin has teeth! I never thought he would get them. He's pretty cranky and waking up at least once through the night but yay teeth!! I think he also caught a cold somehow. He's miserable tonight. He is finally down for the night I think, but he's been up crying for at least an hour and half now. I had to dig out the vapourizer and set it up in his room hoping that helps with the congestion.

It's very hard to believe but Austin is almost a year old! only a month and a week to go! I really need to get cracking on the party plans and invitations! I've been looking forward to the party planning for months but I haven't really gotten into it. I haven't really been doing much craft stuff lately, I will need to get back into it very soon. I have some christmas cards to make soon!!

It has also been 2 years yesterday (or 2 days ago, the 4th, since it's now after midnight) since we got possesion of our house. It's crazy that it's been 2 years already!! I remember the excitement and our first night sleeping in our house (which wasn't till november) but we slept on the airmattress in the living room with no furniture. It was great.

Well, someone has woken back up. Boo. I'm going to get him to settle back down again then head to bed myself.

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