Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I'm sitting here, killing time before I have to switch the laundry over. (Ugh laundry) and thinking about how I really should write up a special little blog post.

You know, the one that talks about how my baby. That's right, My BABY turns one. ONE!!!

Oh, and I should mention, that she turns 1 tomorrow.

Hey, Universe! Where did you hide that last year?!? Seriously, how has it been a year since this baby made her presence here. I really just don't know.

However, I'm sitting here thinking about it and I am just not sure I'm ready to post the newborn squishy photos, re-live the birth experience, look back on how our life has changed this past year. I'm just not ready. So I don't think it will be posted tonight. I plan on taking some cute pics tomorrow so maybe tomorrow night I will be armed with some pictures and great memories. Tonight I am forgetting that I now have a toddler. Sigh

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