Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disney Weekend

Growing up, I LOVED Disney movies. Once I moved out on my own, even though we didn't have kids I told my husband, I really want to start collecting my own Disney movies. I can't even begin to guess how many Disney movies we owned as a kid.

(True story, I've told my mom I'm claiming the Disney movies when she dies. Yes, we're kind of morbid, whatever. What I'm going to do with them now since they are all VHS, I have no idea. But, they have been claimed.)

So, we have a great Disney collection. And, we have this super magical thing coming up called a trip to Disneyland.  Yes, Disneyland!!! Squee!

Of course I am being irrational that we are going to get there and Austin won't know who everyone is (let's be honest, Mackenzie probably won't know) and I want him to get the full magic of meeting
people from the movies. So I thought we should start watching the movies.

It started Friday night. We watched Beauty and the Beast. Then Saturday I was still nursing my injury from Friday so we hung out and watched some more movies. We started with the Lion King, then Cinderella, rounded off the night with Tangled. Sunday we started with the Little Mermaid, finding Nemo, then moved onto Cars and Cars 2. Finished off our night with Lilo and Stitch.

Now, I am SO looking forward to seeing Carsland. I have heard it's an amazing view and it's like stepping into the movie. Watching Austin watch Cars this weekend, I was thinking about Disneyland and the magic he's going to encounter in just a few short weeks. The inevitable excitement when he gets to meet a real size Lightning McQueen and Mater. I mean, he loves seeing books or cars of those 2. Meeting them IRL? I'm thinking mind=blown. And I'm going to be the mom taking a million pics and being sappy.

Since having kids, anything can make me cry. It's ridiculous and kind of embarrassing. I'm betting it will be about 2 minutes inside the park before I start to cry, if I even make it that long.  Seeing the park and the magic and excitement from Austin...... Tears, there will be tears.  I can't wait.

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