Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The mom bath

Last night I had what is known as a mom bath. I got Austin into bed, ran hot water and bubbles, and settled nicely. He was nice and quiet in his room, so one would gather he was sleeping. Then...

Footsteps. He goes into our bedroom and says "mommy, me have more water? Mommy?" then he finds me in the bathroom. The following is what happened next.

A: what you doing mommy?

M: having a bath

A: a bath? *looks at me weird because I am just laying there*

M: yes buddy, a bath.

A: *picks up step stool* me watch you. *sits on step stool right beside the tub.*

M: no Austin, get a drink of water and go back to bed.

A: me watching you! You play my toy?

M: no, I don't need a t.... *he drops the toy in the bath* toy. Sigh.

A: you play with my toy! You play more?

M: mommy doesn't play in her bath.

A: look, a dolphin! *plop goes the dolphin in the tub*

M: just get your water and go to bed, mommy doesn't need toys.

A: duckie!! *in goes the duck*

M: stop putting toys in the...

A: turtle! *splash*

M: stop throwing toys in the tub, just go back to bed!

A: rabbit? *holds the rabbit up for me to decide*

M: no rabbit in the tub. Mommy doesn't play.

A: rabbit blast off! 1,2,3 blast off *blasts the rabbit off the side of the tub nearly landing it in the toilet.*

M: do not throw your toys in the toilet!!!! Time for you to blast off to bed. 1,2,3, blast off! *starts to leave with the rabbit* and leave the rabbit.

I then wash my hair, get out of the tub, take him the water he originally came in for, tucked him back into bed and told him to stay there.

So much for a peaceful bath. Sigh.

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  1. I love it!!! 'Mommy doesn't play in her bath.' bahahahaha


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