Friday, February 24, 2012

A smile

Who knew something so small could make a smile so big.

I'll admit, I've been in a funk the last little bit. I've started to wonder if my anti depressants are even working right now because I have felt sad and depressed for the past few weeks. I just tell myself that it's just the end of pregnancy and I will be better soon. At least I'm hoping. But anyways, I've been in a funk. Yesterday I was going through a bucket of old stuff. I kept the pictures an things I really wanted, tossed the rest but didn't really notice my keep pile.

This morning while eating breakfast the pile was beside me. I looked at the pictures. One of me in my brownie outfit at the age of about 6, the picture of my aunt's wedding where I was a flower girl, my grade 8 school picture, and then this:

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My best friend robin and I in highschool. Just looking at this picture made me smile. It made me grin, in fact, I'm sure it pretty much turned my whole day around. Just being carefree and silly with my best friend in the world.

And then this one:
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This was us at our school dance in grade 9. It was a black light dance. The date on the folder said February 27th 1998. That is pretty much 14 years ago to the day. So weird. If you had told me 14 years ago I would be living across the country, still friends with robin, and patiently awaiting my 2nd child, I would have called you crazy.

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