Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maternity underwear

I want to shank whoever said maternity underwear are to die for. They suck.

I'm think around march 15th I'm going to host an underwear burning party. The fire will be going for a while because I have bought a crazy amount of underwear in hopes they are comfy. I have tried so many brands. They fall down in the back, they fall down in The front, the fall down on just one side (yeah, that one is fun.)

I've bought motherhood underwear, thyme maternity underwear, low rise, high rise, and even a crap load of normal non maternity ones. They all suck.

When I was pregnant with Austin he sat so high I wore my regular undies. I had zero issues whatsoever. I was comfy, and thought people just wasted money on maternity underwear. Then this baby started out so low. I have been in underwear hell since about August.

Like most mothers at the end of their pregnancy I'm counting down the days until my little squishy newborn comes, but I'm also counting down the days until I can throw all the maternity underwear into a barrel and set them on fire. That's how much I'm hating them.

So, hopefully come march 15th baby will be here and I can squeeze into some of my old undies and be done with the maternity ones. I.cant.wait.

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